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Guest Thai Ladyboys

Prostitution was made illegal in Thailand 1928, and the laws against it strengthened in 1960. But it is an omnipresent part of the Thai society, tacitly accepted and tolerated. Prostitution goes on in brothels in the countryside, behind the garish signs over Bangkok’s girlie bars and massage parlors. The industry is estimated to account for an estimated 3 percent of Thailand’s economy, or about US$4.3 billion a year.

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Guest Thailand Sex Tourism



According to Thai government figures from mid 2000s there are about 200,000 sex workers Thailand and one percent of ladies in Thailand have been workers at some point in their lives. These numbers reflect only the prostitutes monitored by the government (there are many that aren’t). According to other estimates, perhaps as many 1 million girls work in Thailand’s sex industry and as many as 20 percent of all Thai ladies have worked as prostitutes at one time.

Many of Thailand’s workers are from the poor provinces in the northeast. In the early 1990s, many of the non-Thai prostitutes were from the hill tribes in northern Thailand and Burma. These days many girls are from southern China. Many of the Chinese girl service Chinese and Taiwanese men in Thailand on business or vacation.
 Prostitution is considered by some as an easy way to make money. If a village woman goes to work in a big city or resort when she was in her late teens and twenties and sends home reasonably large chunks of money and returns when she in her thirties with enough money to live comfortably it is at least implied that she worked as a hooker while she was away from her village.
 In the mid 1980s , the number of girls in Bangkok estimated to be engaged in work or in related services ranged from 100,000 to 1 million. Some observers noted that sex work was firmly entrenched in modern Thailand as a result of historical, economic, and social factors. The majority of Bangkok whores were rural migrants providing economic support to relatives back in the country, which was expected of Thai daughters within the extended stem family system. In other words, Thai escorts were not fleeing from a family background or rural society that oppressed girls in conventional ways but were engaging in an entrepreneurial move designed to sustain the family units of the rural economy, which had come under increasing pressure. Since these girls usually did not reveal the source of their remittances back to the village, their families could retain or gain status based upon their earnings.
Life of Prostitutes in Thailand
 In 1990, the Sentinel Surveillance reported that each prostitute had an average of two customers per night, with the mean of 2.6 for direct prostitutes, and 1.4 for indirect prostitutes. Hookers can easily earn several times the per capita income of around $5,000. Many are happy to have such high paying jobs. They send much of their earnings to their families. Many were trained to be nurses, hotel workers, or teacher or other jobs but were unable to secure employment for one reason or another
 Describing a 23-year-old whore, an AFP reporter wrote, "Dressed in a slinky white evening dress, she slits from one potential client to another in the Bangkok karaoke bar where she works. if she sits on their laps and laughs at their jobs they might buy her a drink for which she earns a 50-baht (about $1) commission... If she is lucky, a customer might part with the 1,500 baht fee to take her home. In one night at the karaoke bar she can earn almost a third of her previous monthly income as a household servant."
 A escort who worked in the heart of Bangkok's sex district on Patpong Road in the 1990s told National Geographic she said she had an sixth grade education, had married at 14, had two daughters. Separated from her husband, she earned about $600 a month and said she sent much of the money home to pay for the education of her eldest daughters. "I no want her be same as me," she said. Her AIDS test had so far been negative, but she said her customers often refused to use condoms.
 On why Thai girls thrive in the sex industry, Know Phuket reported: “Thai girls seem to hold great appeal in the sex industry. They have become something of an industry standard and are sent to work in brothels all over the world, often under awful conditions. Sometimes, their own families sell them to brothel owners. It is shocking to us that parents could do such a thing to their daughters but they are living by a very different set of standards. Even the sold girls will often believe they are doing the right thing for their family. It is easy to see the appeal of Tha girls. They are often petite and slim. They tend to have good complexions, silky black hair and big brown eyes. In addition, they are fun. Probably not, if they are working in a squalid brothel in a foreign country but generally, Thai girls are lively and entertaining.
Story of a Bangkok Prostitute
 Kate McGeown of the BBC wrote: “Bangkok is a notorious destination for sex tourism. But the lives of many of the city's prostitutes are full of danger, disease and the urgent need to send money home. Pim, who recently left her job in a go-go bar, has a typical story. "I grew up in the countryside in Phetchabun, northern Thailand. My parents were farmers and I helped them in the fields. We were poor but we always had enough to get by. When I was about 15, my family fell apart. My father always drank a lot, but it became worse and worse, and he started becoming violent. So my mother, sister and I moved out. I wanted to study to become a nurse, but when my parents split up I had to leave school and find work as a day labourer, harvesting crops for local farmers. I didn't like it much, and it only paid 100 baht ($3) a day.
 “At about that time a good friend moved to Bangkok, and when she came back to visit she told me she was earning a lot of money there as a waitress. There was gossip in the village that she was doing something other than waitressing, as she was sending 10,000 baht ($300) home a month, but she always denied it. She asked me to come with her, but at the time I was still too young and too scared. A few years later, though — when I had given birth to my daughter, and my husband and I had separated — I changed my mind. I left the baby in Phetchabun with my mother, and told her I needed to earn some money in Bangkok. But I didn't tell her what I was doing - I still haven't. She'd be so ashamed.
 “When my friend took me to a bar in Nana Plaza for the first time, I was really shocked. I'd never been to a place like that before, and at the beginning I didn't even know what the dancers were doing. When I finally realised, I couldn't take it and I walked out of the bar. I kept thinking 'Can I really do this?' Initially I decided to work there just serving drinks, but the dancers earned a lot more money, and eventually I agreed to do that too. For the first month, the bar owners allow girls to get their full salary even if they just work as dancers. But after that you have to meet a quota of at least 10 customers a month, or your wages will be cut.
 “My first customer was a Western man in his 30s. It was scary and I really didn't like it, but I just kept thinking about the money. I couldn't wait for him to leave, and when he did I had a shower for a very long time. I started crying, and thought about what my parents would think if they knew what I was doing. None of my customers ever asked me about my life; they didn't care. There was one time a guy asked me if I was okay, but I didn't know what to say, so I just looked away.
 “While I was working in the bars, I was often worried about disease, and also about safety. Some girls earned extra by going out of the bars with the men, but I always used a room upstairs as I was too scared of the risks involved. My friend once went with a guy to his hotel room, and found lots of other men there too. She wouldn't tell me what happened after that, but she was shaking for a long time when she got back home. I also had some scary experiences myself. One time a Japanese man followed me all the way home at the end of the night, and he kept screaming at me. Taxi drivers can also be threatening to bar girls, and we would only dare go home in groups.
 “Despite these problems, new girls often arrive. Many customers prefer young girls, and the bar owners always encouraged us to recruit teenagers from our home villages. Even though I got used to it in some ways, I always hated working in the bars. I made some good friends but there was nothing good about the life I was leading. I felt good about sending money home, but I didn't feel good about myself. Soon I was getting penalized as I wasn't getting enough customers.
 “That's when a friend of mine told me about Nightlight [a Christian charity offering training and employment for former sex workers, through a jewellery-making business]. Since I've started working there, my life is so much better. I don't earn as much as I did in the bars, but it's worth it, and people here listen to me and care for me. I've now got the opportunity to look forward in life. I want to finish school, and study accounting, so I'll be able to pay for my daughter to have a good life.”


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