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Hey Bros!


Without making advertisement or something like this... I've been to Bangkok for some weeks and came back home two days ago.

I was looking for kind of sex experience in my Hotel, I was exhausted from working and yea... kind of lazy!


So I found purely accidentally this 'Outcall Massage Shop' and surprise! ... At the bottom of the page I was reading 'Full Service'! I mean for sure, it's a Happy Ending Massage Shop. But you can do there pretty dirty stuff I guess. Just ask for the price, I negotiated very well hehe


So guys, if you want to try something nice, maybe not just only sex, but also with a sensual massage (yea, I got a pretty nice Body to Body experience, with some dirty stuff after that hehe), take a look here! I think I had 'Vida', but I'm not sure, because I think Vida and Irene is the same girl :-D


I'm talking abot this website: http://www.c2massage-bangkok.com/


But I'm sure there are also other websites. But I like VIDA, I can definitetly recommend her ;-)





Oh, I forgot, I don't like it, that you can only write a mail or use the booking platform. I hope they will get a phone number soon!


Btw. Did anybody else had an outcall to the hotel for a massage with happy ending? Anybody knows 'C2M'?

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