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Guest Frankfurt Sauna Club
You guys should read following article, if you guys know the Vice News Channel and like their reports. It is very good report about all you can fuck brothels in Germany.



By Conor Creighton Jul 15 2014. Source vice.com




The King George Brothel in Berlin opens at 4 PM, Monday through Sunday, excluding the Christmas Holidays. For €99 ($135) you can stay there until dawn, when the first street cleaners are passing, and drink as much as you like and have sex as much as you like with Klaudia, Katja, Petronella, Alina, Barby, and whichever of the 27 staff members are perched on the velvet stools or the leather booths beneath the many red lights next to the bar.


The King George is Germany's first flat-rate brothel. It's the sex industry's answer to the global recession. In Berlin there are about half a dozen of them. The brothels themselves prefer calling it "all-inclusive" rather than flat-rate. As owner Sascha Erben says, “This is sex after all; it's not text messaging or long-distance calls.”


Alina works the door. She's wearing this pink tube dress. It covers her body like a bun covers a hot dog. When she gets up from her chair, the dress zips up over her ass until she jigs it down again with her fingers. The rest of the girls wear the same dress in different grades of pink. It's like a house uniform. Zipping up and down, flashing bare bum and bits of crotch as they walk around on stilettos that make them look like those fishermen's houses built on stilts—the ones that don't outlast storms or oil slicks. They all smoke cigarettes. Marlboros or Chesterfields with health warnings written in Cyrillic. And everything inside, from the drink in your hand to the seat you lean on, smells like cotton candy.




As soon as I tell them I'm just writing a story, they take out their phones, start eating pizza, and pluck stray hairs from their bikini lines—the same things they would have done if I'd told them I was gay, I guess.


The layout of the building is an homage to the penis itself: A long narrow bar leads into two tight networks of small rooms with wipe-clean beds and showers and lighting that you'd never want to read a book under. Europop plays from tiny speakers, hidden high up in the shadows. I've never been to a nightclub in Dubai, but I imagine that beyond the mirrored dance floors, the Swarowski glasses, and the $5,000 table reservations, the DJ's got the same bad collection as the King George.


"Do you like the music?" I ask Alina.


"What music?" she says.


The majority of the women are from Eastern Europe. Klaudia is from Austria, and she's something of a celebrity in Berlin. Men request her for €200 ($270) an hour. Alina says she's from Napoli and that she misses the sea and her home. But Alina, I, and her accent know her home isn't Italy. It's probably Romania. The same goes for the girls speaking Spanish, like Petronella and Barby. They learn it growing up in Romania watching Spanish telenovelas, and they speak it because it's fun, she says. And it is fun pretending to be Spanish, but in Germany, where being Romanian is the only thing that makes people as mad as kiddie fiddling, it's good sense too.


Obviously they lie about their age. Someone who looks in her 40s is allegedly in her 30s, and the 30-year-olds are all 19. But I guess that's just a symptom of the dishonest premise brothels are built on. The women act like the men are interesting and desirable, and the men convince themselves they actually are. 


The men start arriving as the factories and shops close for the day. They're in uniform too: steel-toe boots, Snickers work pants with some gray T-shirt tucked in so best to highlight the arch of their gut.




Erben knows his clientele well. “We cater for taxi-drivers, the unemployed, guys who aren't making much more than €1,500 [$2,040] a month.”


Erben bought the King George more than six years ago. It was a strip club before that. He grew up in East Germany, where his first taste of the oldest job in the world was renting out apartments by the hour for a family friend. When the Wall came down, Erben moved south to Bavaria before deciding on a return to Berlin. “A smile is the most important thing in a prostitute,” he says. “They don't have to be pretty; in fact it's often better if they're not. What you want is the sort of girl who can still turn on some charm after 12 hours sitting down with nothing to do.”


Erben comes across as likable. The girls support the argument. Klaudia tells me he's too kind. He loans the girls money. He bought her a €300 ($410) handbag. But you can't tell the other girls that.


But does he fuck them too? “No," Erben says. "The minute you do that, you're not respecting them as an employee. And it can cause problems between the girls.”


But whom does he fuck then? “I do have a girlfriend, but finding someone to build a family with me, considering my business, is hard.”


The girls have families, though. Klaudia has a 17-year-old daughter. She picks her up from work at night, and they go eat kebabs together. Klaudia is also a nurse. She's useful to have in the brothel, but less so in the real world, where she only earns €1300 ($1,770) a month. A good night at the King George gets her €600 ($815). She does OK as a prostitute. She holidays in Ibiza in summer, the Alps in winter.


“A lot of the money isn't even from sex. The men just want to talk or share a bottle of champagne with me,” she says. “I'll often have three of them here at once, sitting in the jacuzzi and laughing.”


It isn't just about sex. Erben's got it all worked out. The average flat-rate customer fucks 2.7 girls. The rest of that time, he's drinking at the bar, feeding coins into the poker machine, maybe even having a lie-down in one of the rooms on his own.


“Traditional brothels,” Erben explains, “are uncomfortable for a lot of men. They rush you in and out, and some guys get nervous and can't perform. Here, a customer can treat it like his own pub, and they have time to talk to the girls.”




The King George is open seven days a week, but the girls are allowed to work a maximum of five days a week. “To regenerate,” Erben says, “mentally and physically.”


A woman might have sex 20 times in a night. I can't and won't ever begin to imagine how a person regenerates mentally from that.


The girls leave and come back. Katja from Hungary has two children and is a qualified care worker who can't find work right now, so she's back at the King George for the moment.


Does she like it? “Sometimes, but not really. You're not supposed to like work, though,” she says.


Erben doesn't have a problem hiring. Some days there are even lines outside. “In other brothels a girl might not even make her cab fare,” he says.


There are more red lights inside the King George than all the junctions in Germany. On a bad night, a girl will come away with €100 ($135). For every euro that a customer spends, the woman make 50 cents. Extras—like blowjobs without condoms, anal, kissing—earn her extra. Because it's Germany and prostitution is not illegal, they will pay tax on that, and their contribution will go to building schools, hospitals, bridges, boots for German soldiers in Afghanistan. Hydra, an organization that fights for prostitutes' rights in Germany, estimates there are close to half a million sex workers in Germany. Two thirds of them are not German. Klaudia the Austrian is as close as it gets. She has a weathered tattoo on her shoulder. It was her first one as a teenager, and it says "Love."




“It's silly,” she says.


"Love?" I ask.


“No, just the tattoo.”

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Guest Best Laufhaus in Frankfurt
Here are listed the most popular whore houses in Frankfurt. Cheapest brothels have girls who only charge 25 euro, which is very cheap for european standards! Some high-end brothels also have hookers, who charge 50 or 80 euros for sex. But you can make your choice where to go. Personally I do not see any difference on the looks of the prostitutes in cheap and expensive brothels. In expensive bordells, the room may be cleaner and you may be allowed to shower example. Cheap whore houses just have a sink in girls room where you can wash your hands and cock. But this personally makes me puke, because I do not want to touch the same sink with my cock as many many other guys have touched.


Brothels in Franfurt




The brothel called Miss Japan is in the Mainzer Landstrasse 120, Frankfurt, Germany. Parking is around the corner, but only with a parking permit for 1 hour. In the same building there is a hotel, which is on maintenance at the moment so the access is fairly anonymous.

Average Price: 80 EURO


The Treff 188 located at Düsseldorfer Strasse 1 in Eschborn near Frankfurt is a so called flat-rate brothel. You can fuck during the opening times as much as you want (all you can fuck). A dinner buffet and drinks are included. They serve a free buffet from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. On the homepage they stated that they have daily 5 women present. Usually you can expect 3 ladies.

The Treff 188 locality has a Finnish sauna, Jacuzzi and a bar for drinks.

Average Price: 80 EURO


The Honeymoon Place in Frankfurt Germany is located in the Spenerstr. In general you can expect here with 3 to 4 women.

Average Price: 80 EURO


The Eros Center Amor is a call-house in Frankfurt located in the Oskar von Miller Str 6. This brothel has 20 rooms with clean and groomed escorts. Average Price: 50 EURO


Rotes Haus prostitutes at Taunus Strasse 34 are located at the corner of Taunus and Elbe street. The Red House has 6 floors and comprises 67 rooms.

The Red House hase many pretty ladies. However in the Internet forums you can read that the ladies does not meet the promised performance.

Average Price: 25 EURO


The call house in the Breite Gasse Nr. 1 is located on the corner of Breite Gasse and Allerheiligenstraße. The BG1 has 6 floors with 46 rooms.

On the upper floor there is a bar and a couple of rooms which is usually occupied with a few transsexuals.

Average Price: 25 EURO


AO House brothel on Taunus Strasse 32 is located at the corner of Taunus and Elbe street. The T32 has 5 floors with 30 rooms for girls. The nickname AO house has become common in recent years for this whorehouse, because earlier the ladies who work here have a small fee offered sex without a condom.

Average Price: 25 EURO


Hookers at Breite Gasse Nr. 29

The call-house in the Breitengasse No. 27 is located between the Albusstraße and the street Zeil.

The BG29 has 4 floors with 28 rooms.

Average Price: 25 EURO


The call-house on Taunus Strasse 26 is in the middle of the Taunus road between Elbe and Weser Strasse. The T26 is divided into a front house and a back house. 

The front house has 5 floors with 25 rooms for prostitutes and the back house has 3 floors with 11 rooms.

Average Price: 25 EURO


Pension Herzlich The call-house in the Breitengasse No. 27 is located between the Albusstraße and the street Zeil.

The BG27 has 5 floors with 32 rooms.

Average Price: 25 EURO

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Guest bordello deutchland

Great articles guys! Here is one more article about sex industry in Germany.


Germany experiencing brothel boom, but is prostitution safer?
Source nypost.com June 10, 2014 | 5:59pm
There are floors and floors of women; some wear nothing, others very little.
Men in groups can be seen wandering the corridors of mega brothels, some of which offer unlimited sex for a flat rate as little as 99 euros.
Welcome to Germany, where the brothel business is booming and sex is cheap.
More than 400,000 women work in German brothels, some so big they spill over several levels. Described as sex supermarkets, johns are lured with the promise of luxurious surroundings, unlimited alcohol and sex.
Since the Prostitution Act was introduced in 2002, Germany’s sex industry has boomed, making it a magnet for tourists. The Act was designed to improve conditions for prostitutes and to make it possible for them to get health insurance and social security while ensuring a safe workplace.
But has it helped or hindered sex workers?
That’s the question Australian reporter Amos Roberts wanted to answer when he took his “Dateline” camera inside this often secretive world.
In what he called an eye-opening experience, Roberts spoke to sex workers, brothel owners and street workers to find out what life was like for those involved in the sex trade.
In Germany, men may go window-shopping for sex in the spa town of Aachen; they can have unlimited sex with as many women they liked for 99 euros at a “flat-rate” brothel in Berlin; or they can visit Pascha, an eight-story “mega-brothel” in Cologne.
“There are dozens of women in the corridors, sitting on stools where men can walk around checking the women out,” Roberts said. “It does feel very much like a supermarket with groups of men wandering around the aisles, it’s very strange.”
Roberts found the industry generates around $20 billion every year, with an estimated 1.5 million German men using the services of a sex worker every day. Prostitutes all work freelance — instead of being paid a salary, they rent rooms from brothel owners who sometimes still don’t question their health or see proof of insurance.
The city of Stuttgart is home to luxury brothel Paradise, where women were required to be completely naked at all times while men walked around in bath robes.
Michael Beretin, the marketing manager for the Paradise brothel chain, has made a fortune from the brothel boom.
“Prostitution has always been a social need,” he said. “It wasn’t invented by anybody. We need to deal with it and make it manageable.”
But since the Act was passed in Germany, thousands of women had flooded into the country and competition had forced many sex workers to lower their prices, the report says.
“One brothel owner told me it can be hard to make money, and for every woman unwilling to perform something risky (such as not insisting on the man using a condom) there’s another willing to try it,” he said.
The journalist spoke to women who had moved to Germany and chosen the sex industry for various reasons and who claimed they weren’t being exploited, but he also spoke to a social worker in Aachen who had counselled many women trafficked from Eastern Europe and Africa.
“There are no hard figures, but some government estimates say around 90 percent of women are forced into sex work or are trafficked,” he said.
Roberts also said while many Americans and Brits found the concept of legal prostitution shocking, Australians tended to take a more liberal approach to sex workers and brothels.
“Australia has large brothels but nothing quite on this scale,” he said.
Sydney brothel Stilettos attracted headlines in 2011 over plans to build a $12 million, three-storey extension, which would have meant a combined total of 40 sex rooms and 21 waiting rooms. The city council rejected the plans, with Liberal councilor Shayne Mallard arguing it would have been too big and in an area where other brothels already existed. But the NSW Land and Environment Court overturned the council’s decision months later, imposing a limit of 1.5 patrons to every sex worker, limiting its capacity to 60 patrons at one time.
Meanwhile in Germany, some in the government felt things had gone too far in the sex industry.
Silvia Pantel, Member of Parliament for the Christian Democratic Union, said Germany didn’t want to become the world’s brothel capital.
“Nor do we want to create incentives to attract sex tourism to Germany,” she told Dateline.
She referenced the study tagging 90 percent of the country’s sex workers as having been forced into prostitution, and she demanded the government get tougher on the industry.
“At the time it was thought that legalizing prostitution would improve the prostitutes’ situation,” she said. “But that totally failed. We now see that meaning well does not mean doing well.”

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