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Guest Patty s
There are very good swingers Clubs in paris. If you and your partner are looking for some fun and experimentation whilst in the Paris, then you guys should check out one of the following clubs.



Club Libertin La Petite Taverne

Place is in Rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, Club Libertin La Petite Taverne stands out with it’s blinking neon sign.

This hip and elegant club is the perfect place for swingers looking to kick back and have some sex in Paris. Place opens around 8pm every night and remains open until 2am in the morning, perfect for some late night experimentation.


Club 2plus2

This swingers club is open early and remains open throughout the day. This sexy and suave club prides itself on providing a source of fun and excitement for boys and girls who are open about their sexuality and just want to let their hair down. Club 2plus2 is located in the middle of the artistic Montparnasse region, and provides a great outlet for any creative types who want to expand their sexual horizons whilst in the city.

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Guest Kaasik

Which Swingers Club you would recommend for a single, good looking man visiting Paris? I have only once been in a Swingers Club in my life, but it was almost empty ( there was a one couple making out, that´s it!).


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