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In Phnom Penh any LB? Some info?


I find it easiest to ask Tuk Tuk drivers in Phnom Penh if I want ladyboys. It is this simple; get out of your hotel room, walk to the tuk tuk driver, say "I want a Ladyboy" and then you will be taken to a ladyboys club.

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Most trannies in Phnom Penh use dating apps like WeChat and Tinder these days. Example if you turn WeChat on the Street 51 (Pasteur) you will get a lot of t-girls who are nearby and they will come to your room if you ask. Tinder has lots of t-girl escorts also.

Most of these online trannies ask $100 per short time, but you can always negotiate the price down.

Nana Hotel is a good place if you want the escorts to come right up to your room. It is very cheap hotel and rooms are usually around $20 per night with A/C.

Breakfast costs couple of dollars.

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