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From Artium and plaza Indonesia you can find freelancers for 3-400k over night, you can still find freelancer in Jakarta bars and clubs but they ask for 5-700k for all night.

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Guest Prostitution Hotspots
Ayam bars refer to bars where most of the girls are prostitutes or hostesses. In the clubs where expats go, prostitution is quite usual but it is much more subtle than in the places frequented by locals. Girls may ask for money directly, but they may also be looking for "taxi money" only, meaning that she will tell you in the morning she needs money to go back home and she will expect you to pay for it. The other option is to ask for "gifts": Mobile phone, jewellery, clothes, etc... After a short period, they will also probably have a brother, an uncle or a cow who's sick, and who can only be cured if you wire them a thousand bucks... Don't be stupid, as soon as she asks you for money, just end the relationship. I'm not saying you should never give anything, but at least use your brain to sort what is true and what is just lies.


There are basically 3 areas where you will find prostitutes bars in Jakarta:


1) Blok M, also called Jalan Falatehan, is where American and English older expats go. Not all the bars there have prostitutes (Sportmans and One Tree Bar are ayam-free for instance), but most do. The girls there are mostly freelance, sometimes with a boyfriend pimp. If you ask the girls, almost all of them will tell you they have a boyfriend in Australia, England, America, or offshore... but in spite of that, they are still in a bar, trying to get another guy for the night. One more time, be extremely careful when engaging in emotional relationships with these girls because you do not want to be attached to someone who screws a half dozen guy a month for 50 bucks. Im not saying it's bad, i'm saying it messes up your brain. Near Jalan Falatehan, you also have what we call "Little Tokyo", which is an even larger red light district than Blok M, only that this one caters more exclusively to the entertainment needs of Korean and Japanese people. There are dozens of bars and karaokes there, but apart from the above-mentioned nationalities, few people go there.


2) North Jakarta and the city's peripherical areas (Taman Anggrek, Daan Mogot, etc..) where most local people will go in the one-stop entertainment nightclubs (with karaoke, massage parlour, bars, clubs, spa and sometimes casinos all under one roof) or other local curiosities such as massage bars, panti pijat, tempat dugem... In these places, the girls are usually under contract with the management, and though they get a correct salary for indonesian standards, they have very poor perspectives. There are also many high-class prostitutes and escort girls in Kota (the most beautiful girls are not to be found in Blok M, nor in Hotel bars, but in places like Alexis, Golden Crown, Malioboro, Sun City, which also "import" girls from China, Thailand, Russia, Uzbekistan, and even Spain!). They earn comfortable salaries and they often have some regular customers who pay them cars, houses, etc... Their salaries can be over 10,000$/month for the top prostitutes.



3) Hotel bars such as B.A.T.S in Hotel Shangri-La, Tiga Puluh in Hotel Le Meridien, or CJ in Hotel Mulia, for travellers, with also quite many expats. Girls there can be very interesting sometimes, with fun, smart personalities, yet obsessed with money, Blackberries and Louis Vuitton. Many can be quite good party-friends, especially if you want to go party some place else, since most of the times, the same girls will move from BATS after it closes to Top Gun (Blok M) or to Stadium.


Normal bars and clubs are geographically more limited to the center : Menteng, Plaza Indonesia, Kuningan, and South Jakarta: Gatot Subroto, Kemang, Senayan.


In these places, if you dress appropriately and look ok, you should not have too much trouble meeting ladies. The easiest spot to get a normal girl (that you won't pay for sex) is Red Square I think and it is so true that it kind of became the only place most expats go to because you are almost certain to score each time you are there. Actually, in other places, it is not difficult either, but you may only get a phone number, or have to be a little patient. Source jakarta100bars

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