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How much money .... for one week with her?

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Hi, I'd like to ask a question, hoping someone who know well Colombia can give me a suggestion.
I'd like to be in Bogota for 20 days. I'm more than 50 years old and I talked with some girls on Internat they like to know me and meet me. I'm a hones guy, I like kiddind, I'm a good man.
I know I have to give her some gift and money. They expect this, but not only them but all the girls of the world.
My question: if I will be with her for one week for full time (24 hours a day), how much money is nice I give her (around)?

Out of curiosity: do you like more Bogota or Medellin nowadays? I don't like hardened prostitutes. In all my life I have always known regular girls but I'd like to know more about Bogota and Medellin and to undertand which is the best option for me
Thanks for some suggestions.


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