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How much prostitutes charge in Agadir. I am talking about all night sex with average looking Moroccoan girl.

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How much prostitutes charge in Agadir. I am talking about all night sex with average looking Moroccoan girl.


I am not sure. When I was in Agadir I did not see any street prostitutes. My local friend told me to look girls from Badouar, but I did not see any. I was hanging out there couple times in evenings, but did not score. Maybe the street prostitution district has moved to somewhere else, or maybe most girls these days in Agadir work at the massage salons. I really enjoyed the erotic massage in Agadir. It was cheap and I felt completely safe. 

First time I went to a one was around 2pm and I just founded the place by luck. Massage place was on Rue de Fes, other side of the road from Auto Eca Leila. 


It was maybe 5 minute walk from my hotel and there was a sign on the street, locked door and hallway had a red- lightning and after I rang the door bell the girl came to open the door and walked me to the one floor up. 

There was red lightning and very erotic feeling in the reception area. There was the overweight casher (the girl who came open the door), one girl sitting on the couch with colored hair and older men sitting beside her. 

I paid for 1 hour massage and it did cost 200 dirhams (USD20) and the cashed walked me again one floor up.


There was massage tables and curtains between them. She told me to get ready and I got completely undressed. After 5 minutes she came to massage me and actually gave me a very good rub, lots of touching near my private area and when she told me turn around I had a huge boner. She rubbed my stomach, inner tights and couple times touched my nuts again. Then maybe after 45 minutes she asked if I want extras. She would have offered me blowjob for 300 dirhams (USD30) and sex for 1000 dirhams (USD1000). Sex would have happened somewhere else, I guess at my hotel or maybe she had a place nearby, but she told me she can not do it there. 

I did not take a blowjob either because I felt 300 was too much for BJ and I did not want to wait till her shift was over for sex. So she cleaned the oil from me with a towel, I got ready and left the place.


Later on next day my me and my friend went to this place and I told him not to pick the bigger receptionist girl. So we went there and asked for a younger girls and there was this very cute girl with a little bit curly hair and who said she was 19 years old. I really think she was hot, but I allowed my friend to take her and went for a coffee myself because there was only her and the fat girl available or I guess the other girls were massaging some guys.


My friend got a bad massage from her. He said she massaged her with one hand only! But when the time was almost done she asked if he wants extra. She did not speak much english but showed a movement with her hand and mouth and my friend chose that. She asked for 300 dirhams, but my friend bargained the cost to 150 dirhams. She sucked hes cock and wanked once a while but did not swallow or take the cum in her mouth. But my friend was satisfied and got hooked right away to the massage parlours because this was hes first time. Next day we had to leave the city so I did not get a chance to try this girl.




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Please. Can you tel me where can I get a massage blowjob in Agadir? Thank you

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