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According to this article, Quarteira in Portugal seems like a good sex tourism destination if you look the cheap price of sex!


Prostitution in Quarteira has been steadily rising over the past years, mainly due to the influx of immigrant women from Eastern Europe, Brazil and Africa. At the moment there are 80 street prostitutes in Quarteira, according to AIDS Support Movement…


They sell their services for as little as €20 and many times must settle for less as the interested parties haggle and the harsh competition forces them to accept the cheaper price.


Their clientele is extremely varied; labourers, doctors, lawyers, tourists, students and even the elderly drive down the street at an idle speed to satisfy their urge, explained the psychologist who has been helping women protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases for the past seven years.


The AIDS Support Movement distributes condoms and information pamphlets teaching prostitutes how to put on a condom even if the client does not want to use one…


In 2007 there were 80 prostitutes working in Quarteira, 78 women and two transsexuals, 65% of them were foreign.


Prostitution is Legal in Portugal, but brothel Ownership is Illegal

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