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Soaplands, Erotic Massage Parlors and Brothels

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Tokyo prostitution prices going down as stagnation stiffens

Soaplands, that is to say, erotic bathhouses, in Japan’s brothel quarters are facing falling prices amid the ongoing economic slump.
High-end establishments that charge between 50,000 and 80,000 yen and mid-level places, which fetch a bit less, have been hit hard by low-ball joints that began offering entry for a mere 20,000 yen a few years ago. However, Shukan Post (July 13) would like to introduce the “10,000 yen soapland” to its readership.
“With high-end soaplands not seeing any action, gals are going to work at bargain joints,” says an editor at an adult entertainment magazine. “In the suburbs, this phenomenon is really taking hold.”
Shukan Post heads out on a fact-finding mission to the Yoshiwara brothel quarter of Tokyo.
The bathhouse Puchi Royal used to require an initial outlay of 24,000 yen for 90 minutes. However, the club changed the structure of its pricing last September such that a mere 10,000 yen would garner 35 minutes of foamy fun as delivered by the delicate digits of one of the club’s working gals, such as 21-year-old Sakura, who possesses a whopping 91-centimeter bust.
Fear not, the club is not skimping on upkeep and the integrity of its facilities. Clean private rooms are provided and the lobby possesses a cheerful atmosphere. At noon on a recent weekday, several customers were seen waiting.
The magazine decides to take the plunge, courtesy of a 24-year-old gal — described as a “glamorous beauty” — on staff that day. The service starts with a gentle scrub-down on a sukebe isu (literally “lecher chairs,” specially configured stools), continues in a bathtub, and finishes atop a bed.
Short and sweet yet when value for money is taken into consideration the service can’t be beat, Shukan Post assures.
“We have guys who come during the day and return in the evening,” boasts the soap gal.
Talk about bang for your buck.
“Up until a few years ago, there were a lot of girls who could pull in 100,000 yen a day,” says the manager. “But now we get office ladies or housewives who are looking to supplement their incomes by 100,000 yen a month.”
Puchi Royal’s manager assures Shukan Post that the level of quality is not reflected in the low price. “The soundness of the service remains top of the line,” he says.
Yet he does admit that his club cannot make any money with rock-bottom pricing. “We are hoping to attract a lot of customers,” he says, “many of whom will stay and pay for extended sessions.” (K.N.)
Source: “Yoshiwara nimo shuttsugen ’1manen soopurando,’” Shukan Post (July 13, pages 144-145)

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Guest Soapland brothels in tokyo
Soaplands are quite similar in Tokyo to soapy massage parlors in Thailand. You can find Tokyo Soaplands everywhere, but the biggest concentration is in Yoshiwara, where you can find three streets full of Tokyo Soaplands and some smaller lanes holding about 60 Tokyo Soapland parlors..

Asakusa and Ueno are the closest Yamanote Line stations. From there you can just get a cab and go to, "Yoshiwara soapland."



Tokyo Soapland Prices start at usually  from 80 euros / 100 us dollars for basic services and go up to 800 euros / 1000 us dollars.


This is how Tokyo Soaplands work:


There is either to a door man or reception desk. You will be either welcomed in or told to go away. If they do not want your money, try the next Soapland.


The staff will let you browse pictures of sexy girls, but sometimes you may have to a small selection fee which is not expensive. If the girl is busy, you can just wait, but sometime waiting is very long.


Once the girl is ready, the staff will guide you to your room, and the girl will be waiting or will enter shortly after you.


First you shower before the fun. If you are lucky, the girl will bathe with you, but this does not happen always.


It is illegal to provide vaginal intercourse, but in practice it happens pretty much all the time. It is legal to provide hand-jobs, blow jobs, anal sex and "sumata" which is when the lady slides her body against yours without actual vaginal penetration until you get off, this actually feels great with oil.

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Guest sex massage Tokyo
Erotic massage is very popular in every city of Japan, but it is mostly done in hotel rooms. You call a erotic massage service and they send the girl.


Sometimes in Roppongi area, some girls will approach you on the street and offer massage. But not all massage parlors in Japan are foreign friendly.


If you have a hotel room already, check to be sure your hotel is girl friendly or she will not be able to get in.

But if you do not have a room, you can meet the girl at a pre arranged spot and go to a love hotel together. This will costs about $30 more.


Procedure is following.

Pay to the girl. Shower alone or maybe with the girl.

Then you lay down. Girl will rubs her tits all over you, then massages your groin and sexual organs. Then lady will massage your back with oil, lotion or some type of powder. Then she will masturbate you or you can pay more for sex. Usually bill will be about $200 for a good massage and hand job.

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Guest Laufhaus Tokyo
Fashion health clubs are also popular in Tokyo. Prices start at about $50 and going up to $1000 for a longer and more naughty session.

These places are a mix between a massage parlor and a brothel. Sometimes massage is done with a woman´s tongue!


You can find these fashion health clubs when you see bright flashing lights and garish decor. Usually there are pictures of the girls near the entrance, sometimes with girls face blurred out, or you can see cartoons of sex acts.

Some fashion health clubs are themed and they offer sex in car,offices, jail and son on. These places have girls dress up in costumes like cop, airplane stuart, school girl,office girl and so on.

At the fashion health club you will get to pick a girl from pictures and you may have to pay a small fee for choosing the girl. The workers will direct you to a room when everything is ready. The lady is sometimes waiting or will enter shortly after you.


Then you bathe. Then she begins by licking you, then giving you a blow job or something else. Next happens "sumato", girl rubbing herself on your penis. This sometimes culminates in full vaginal sex, but do not push it. She will let you know what is available. It is only in soaplands that full sex is a always sure.

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Guest some info I found
Blowjob bars, Soapland and sex clubs are great places to visit when you are in Tokyo.

Providing actual vaginal intercourse is illegal in Japan, but that anything else is OK. This mean Anal Sex is fine!
Some sex clubs have to use a lot more imagination with the things that they offer.
Soapland is a term used for something similar to a massage with a hand job or some other type of ejaculating in the end.
Only the girls soap up the lucky guy to "get to know him" before it becomes OK to pay for service.
There are also blow job bars, no-pants restaurants and the famous eat-sushi-off-a-naked-woman restaurants, then there are strip clubs and lapdancing bars..

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Guest Soapland sex guide
This will tell you what is a Soapland?


Soapland is a type of Japanese brothel where men are bathed with female prostitutes, although there are a few specifically for female clienthood. Soaplands are special in the idea that a companion’s work room has two areas in it. One is a small area with a small couch and bed, and the other is a large shower room that has a large bath and floor for an inflatable mattress.




The client and companion first get naked. The companion then washes client’s body, including his genitals. There is a special chair for this purpose, called sukebe isu which means “erotic chair”. This chair has a “U”-shaped seat, which causes the genitals to hang loosely, making them easy to wash. For hygienic purposes, the client usually has to brush his teeth before the session.


After warming his body in the bath, the client lies on the air mattress while the companion covers herself with liquid lotion for lubrication. Then she slides her body up and down client’s body, brushing his body with her pubic hair. This is called “awa odori,” or “bubble dance,” and its form of eroticism is considered to be of the highest quality. As a result, soapland costs the most among various types of Japanese brothels. Usually oral sex is performed on the mat, and if the man so chooses they can then engage in sex on the mat. If not, when this “mat play” is over they rinse off and go to the bed to have sexual intercourse.

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Guest Sex massage Tokyo
Basic information for newbies in Japan´s Soapland industry. Source japanfortheuninvited.com




Japan’s sex industry has a number of innovative variations on the brothel, but none of them seem as perfectly, hygienically Japanese as soaplands. They offer “assisted baths” that include the services of a prostitute. When a customer enters, he chooses his bathing companion from a selection of half-naked girls, who takes him to prepare for his “bath”. This preparation might be a plain old regular bath, or may include some time building up a head of steam in the sauna before the real fun begins. A common service is for the girl to lather the customer up using only a little liquid soap and her naked body.


Soaplands are known for having some of the better looking, more skilled staff in Japan’s sex industry, which is why they tend to be more expensive than other establishments – ¥50,000/hour is fairly typical.


Like other areas of Japan’s sex industry, soaplands usually don’t allow foreign customers. This is partly because of a widespread belief that AIDS is un-Japanese – carried mainly by foreigners – and that many foreigners in Japan have the disease.


Turkish Baths


These bathhouses were once called toruko-buro (“Turkish Baths”). Under pressure from the Turkish embassy about this “derogatory and extremely injurious” treatment of Turkey’s reputation, the Ministry of Health and Welfare moved to stop bathhouses using “toruko”.


The Tokyo Special Bathhouse Association, unsure of what to call their establishments, launched a nationwide competition to find a new name. From 2,400 entries, “soapland” was chosen, and the winning entrant given a 3-day holiday in Hokkaido. This is often abbreviated to just “soap”.




Japanese vice laws – prohibit straight sex but everything else (masturbation, anal, oral) falls between the cracks. Also, there’s very little the authorities can to prevent the sale of straight sex if it is a private agreement between a man and a woman.


Girls not officially employed by soaplands, technically they are renting rooms to the girls. The owner charges customers a fee for bathing, but any negotiation for further services is (officially) with the girl herself, not the establishment. The “service fee” she is paid by the customer is the only money she takes home.


Soaplands take a substantial cut of service fees as “expenses” – presumably because the towels and bath lotions they provide, and which they are already charging the customer for, are extremely expensive. These expenses are used to prove to the police or the taxman that they are not actually employing the girls.


Yoshiwara, soapland capital


Yoshiwara, which has a long history as Tokyo’s most prominent red light district, is the soapland capital of Japan. This makes it a popular place for sex tourism from all over Japan, with some men coming to Tokyo just to spend some time in Yoshiwara’s brothels.


In 2001, the son of North Korea’s bullish leader Kim Jong Il was caught trying to enter Japan illegally. Japanese intelligence thought he was procuring technology to produce weapons in his homeland, while he said he was trying to “visit Tokyo Disneyland”. It later emerged that he had been visiting Japan frequently to cruise Yoshiwara soaplands.


Economic problems


Japan’s economic difficulties have hit soaplands hard, particularly the more expensive places in Yoshiwara. At the same time, they’ve also come under a lot of pressure from cheaper competition: delivery health, pink salons and foreign prostitutes. A 2002 study found that the number of soaplands has fallen since the 1980s, from 1,700 to 1,200, at a time when revenues for establishments at the cheaper end of the sex spectrum have soared.


Many of the soaplands that have stayed in business have been forced to slash their prices. Some even offer special offers, like an “early riser” discount for appointments before 8am.

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Guest Sex Soapland
Every monger should do a visit to a classic upscale soapland. Cost is typically 50,000-100,000 JPY for a 2 hours.


What you get for your money is a quite posh brothel-type environment, an exceptionally skillful and attractive (good appearance and nice personality) sex partner, any forms of sex you want (gf-experience, HJ or whatever you want) plus an elaborate and *very* thorough cleaning/bathing by/with the lady using her naked body to apply the soap (hence the name) PLUS (the best part in the opinion of many men) a "nuru" (Japanese for "slippery") massage. The nuru massage typically consists of having a naked girl cover her body in a special and very slippery oil and then apply it to your naked body by slipping and sliding around all over you while you recline on an inflatable "pool float" type mat. This can transition directly into a sexual act, or you can have the oil cleaned off (both of you) and proceed to a bed or futon for the culminating sex acts.

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Guest R dj

OK! I am booking a flight to Tokyo now and going to visit a Soapland! Haha actually this is not the real reason, I just have some business I need to do in Tokyo, but definitely I will be visiting a Soapland and getting some kinky services.

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This kind of service is provided in a simple sex (call girl) in my country. When I came to Japan first, the variety fascinated me. 


I tried Kokyu soap once. The woman was gorgeous. But it was too expensive for me to repeat. And I have to get the service more than once a month. Tokyo is more open for foreigners compared to local cities. When I was in Kobe, I didn't see many options. I used a particular store all the time. They are very foreigner friendly. Actually, they have erotic massage and health, and English speaking receptionists. 

Japanese Escort Girls Club

Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club


Erotic massage and mat health still attract me. Usually, erotic massage finishes with hand job, and health with BJ. I prefer health. And some girls give FS or sex with extra pay though it's illegal in Japan. Don't force them because it is prohibited.


Also, Japan is a big fetish country. Personally, I am not very interested in fetish stuff. But you can find all kinds of fetish sex stores like soft SM, imekura, cosplay, lolita and so on. 

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When you experence a very good time about things you weren't interested in, it can change your thought. It happened. I've got a fetish man (I don't say masochistic. I don't want to think so.) since I had tremendous multiple dry orgasms in Japan Fetish Femdom Girls Club.

They have long beautiful legs and beautiful skin. None of them were fat. Japanese food is so healthy. And Japanese are kind and hard workers. The only dissappointment is Japanese girls do not have big ass.

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