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Guest Jo Jo

Founded this Reunion article online and translated it:


The new faces of prostitution in Reunion

NVESTIGATION. A report on prostitution in the Meeting that the Journal of the island is provided, make an inventory of local practices. Far from the usual representations and cliché foreign picked a little money at the Meeting, it tells us that the prostitute (s) are also now of Réunion, men and minor (s), working Internet at home or at private parties.

A poorly lit sea front, cars stop, Malagasy women for most or some transvestites who roam the streets ... This stereotypical portrayal of prostitution in the Meeting no longer corresponds completely to the ground realities.Although the Malagasy industry still monopolizes the sidewalk, the practices are diverse and cover a population increasingly wide. The investigation, led by IVRA (Reunion branch of the Institute of Victimology), dismantles prejudices and updates old data ten years. Focusing on the one hand the public directly affected by the phenomenon (prostitute (s), clients, pimps) and, secondly, stakeholders positioned in various areas (support, prevention, care, justice, education ), the initiators have produced a qualitative report of 144 pages which provides a new face of Reunion prostitution.


First observation, prostitutes are geographically diverse. Foreign, prostitutes mostly in the street, are of Malagasy origin, Mauritius, Mayotte, Comoros, but also Dominican. They are most visible on the ground and sometimes belong to organized networks. The Réunion, fewer and more discrete also sell their bodies. But apart from those deposited on sites prostitution by their spouses, most regular private clients they receive at home. The contacts are made through classified ads or through websites for individual benefits, private parties or weekends.

According to this survey, "it can be madame-all-the-world, a mother who makes her children to school in the morning, a neighbor, a woman who already has a job (eg nurse), not a person perched on high heels ", not necessarily in a short skirt and cutthroat so outrageous. As for escort girls, Réunion and metropolitan, they set themselves the contract with each client.Un new element, and probably indicative of a difficult economic environment, students are now willing to engage in sexual services. These young women do not consider themselves as prostitutes and are most often paid in kind (computer, phone, clothes, alcohol). But some of them go further by prostitutes at private parties, this time against remuneration. In addition, minor teenage runaways and often suffering from addiction, incorporate small networks. These are managed by major and other minor and appear discreetly on the internet.

Another population whose presence increases in the streets: men. Transvestites and transsexuals (Réunion and Mauritius) now occupy a real niche. Often addicts Mauritians make short and regular visits to the Meeting to fund their drug use on their return to the sister island.


This population agrees to go further into the sexual practices engaged in "hard sex" with bondage (1) fistfucking (2) bareback (3). Rates are on average slightly higher in men, but occasionally some do not pay if the customer is they please.

It is not uncommon for women also offer extras, but at a cost. The unprotected sex are always more expensive.Sadomasochistic practices or accessories charge between 80 and 150 euros per session.

"We see so many things: for example, be required to wear uniforms (nurse, stewardess ...), to diapers, use a giant bottle and accept all kinds of items purchased in sex shop. All this to satisfy the fantasy of customer, "says a prostitute in the report.

But one side of the prostitution took a look less visible. This prostitution "indoor", which is practiced in bars, lounges, hotels, home, often negotiates ads, phone or Internet. Virtual prostitution goes about it by specialized sites, escort agencies, social networks, telephone lines offering all kinds of meetings, adverts posted in the media.

Some of them are going to deliver photos, measurements, type of services, rates and contact information. Indoor or web, "it seems likely that this form of prostitution is growing strongly and called for further progress in the future, and that we have very little control over it, 'the authors of the report of the IGAS published last December.


Drumming on the canvas, it's easy. Discreet and easy to access, 2.0 prostitution attracts both students that mothers in precarious situations. As the client, feeling to go to a prostitute through Internet facilitates the process, especially in setting the appointment. Customer canvas is still poorly understood because few available but consist mostly teenagers and students for whom the net would be an anonymous meeting space easier than interacting face to face.

In conclusion, the report identifies three main areas: the worrying situation of Malagasy women dependent on genuine recruitment network in Great Island, the growing presence of young prostitute and client (s) on the field but also on the Internet, and Finally, the ratio of male prostitution described as "brutal". However, although many institutional or associative actors invest this field, the lack of coordination is sorely lacking. To addictive behavior, to take risks, health problems, solutions must be found.

And concludes: "Accepting this reality, identify the best, network stakeholders, promoting a new look, assess and federate skills would meet the essential conditions for appropriate responses to be made to persons in prostitution. "

(1) The bondage is a sadomasochistic practice of tying its partner in an erotic or sexual relationship.

(2) The fist-fucking and fisting in English, is a sexual practice to penetrate the vagina or rectum with the hand.

(3) The word evokes barebacking practices unprotected sex while being HIV positive.

Texts: Frédérique Rye and Marie Payrard Photos: Stephan Ludwig and Lai Yu. Source: clicanoo.re


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