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  6. Hola amores!! En la agencia de Madrid Carla Mila podrás ahora encontrar una variedad de escorts españolas Todas son jóvenes, cuerpos naturales, sin operaciones, y precisos rostros. Y también podrán ir a tu hotel si lo deseas. Ya lo sabes, en Madrid el placer se llama Carla Mila. Besos Carla Mila http://www.carlamila.es
  7. Check my problem, and who can help me with it. Pls write contacts/ advice/information about girls for a night
  8. JonZon1


    Hi Do you have any address list of the Queensland Brothels? Thanks
  9. JonZon1

    Escorts and Prostitution

    You can find most of the Lima sex information from here: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Lima
  10. JohnMikaelson89

    Experience in Bangkok

    Hey! I would like to share my experience in Bangkok., 2 weeks ago i was in Bangkok for business trip. Before my flight back to my country I was looking for fun and experience, since I was exhausted i decided looking for a mixture of good massage and sex. I searched in forums and websites about sensual massage. I went across different sites and was able to find one that really made me feel interested about a girl. She looks fine and had amazing body. I found http://khunrose-escort.com and asked for a girl that can offer both sex and massage. I chose one that catch my attention, tho the staff recommend me another girl that is good with both, so i just said yes, since all that matters is I get a good experience. I felt bad at first of not getting the girl I requested but, at some point i realize getting a recommendation would mean I would get better service and achieve my expectations regarding my request. So yes, I booked for the girl they recommend and made an appointment. I was surprised how the girl immediately came right in my hotel room and she was more attractive than what I saw in her profile picture. So here's the catch, she headed straight to shower and after she did a great massage, we became intimate. She was so great in massage that I fully got refreshed from a long day. I would love to see her again and recommend Khun Rose for their quality customers service. For that, i would give them a thousand thumbs up. If you are looking for one, don't just search and select or you'll just waste your money and time. I had various experiences in booking escort service and this is one of the best service I got from Bangkok, since I travel a lot. Regards, John
  11. guestFreedancer

    Escorts and Prostitution

    Who can i find Street-Prostitutions in Lima or other citys in peru? Is it save as a tourist in peru citys or any crime? Is it better to use a escort? I want to fuck a sexy latina! And what's the prices for a woman in peru?
  12. guestFreedancer

    Sex and Prostitution Reports

    Black Woman are so sexy! I want to travel to Kenya in the next jear. Pink pussy and brown ass. So amazing! Whats now with HIV?
  13. JonZon1

    Where have all the posts gone!?!

    Please tell us if you have any information about the San Francisco!
  14. SexRoller


    Nice free live webcams. Check it out: Chaturbate.com
  15. I see that posts here are quite dated (though I'm very glad to see there are dates). Where do people post similar info these days? I'm new to San Francisco and "recreationally researching" the area... Could use as many tips as possible, thanks!
  16. Jaluvsjb

    Erotic massage needed

    I'm staying at a hotel in Savannah tonight and am in need of an erotic massage by a female
  17. JonZon1

    Sex and Prostitution Reports

    So $50 dollars will get you a short or long time? Thanks for the tips!
  18. JonZon1

    Which destination?

    Hi brother. Here is a good link if you are interested to find girls: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Top_10_Easiest_Countries_to_Get_Laid
  19. Hman


    I am a 50 year old man good looking .good shape .looking for ladies in Austin Cedar Park area to have fun in all kinds of ways
  20. Stalwart

    Which destination?

    Hello, I'm new here. Thanks for the website. My problem is that I'm a virgin. Yes yes, i am 29 years old. I can't fuck with a woman, I'm afraid of following. I am not shy, or anti social. I have a work, a good work, fiends etc... So, my question is simple, what a destination to deflower. I really like asian women, i thought about indonesia or thailand. What is the best destination for you? Knowing that i want the local woman and not a worker (internet dating) Thank you for your answers and sorry for my English.
  21. Guilherme

    General Reports

    Prices for escorts range from 150 to 200 for an hour but some agencies have great offers and great deals like https://easyoutcall.com. I had some girls of them last year 3 hours for 380,- that´s like 126 for an hour so realy nice deal. Had various meeting and had a awesome time each encounter.
  22. Guilherme

    Independent Girls

    My last visit to Lisbon I found https://fabulousescorts.com one of the many agencies in Lisbon. I had two meetings one with Valentina and one night with Luna, both of the girls where great and I have to say that I was realy surprised with the great service they provided. They are a bit more expensive with the hourly rate, but one night I took the special offer of 3 hours for 400,- euro and found it to be a great value for money and cheaper then most other agencies. Yep I will be back in Portugal and will call this agency again for sure!
  23. trawlaboi

    Street Prostitute Reports

    latest report if i havnt made one yet - st kilda beat is still dead and thats 4 years after that guy posted "weyoun". i actually thought that guy was me due to his report being pretty spot on even 4 years later to this day. dont go hookers are all haggered and used up thats if there is any when u go and when u dont finally find an average looking one trawlers will pounce on them the minute they hit the street. women working the st kilda beat have been the haggered and abused type and usua;lly not worth picking up especially now anyone active lately on this forum?
  24. BunniesEscorts

    Bunnies Escorts

    Take pleasure at natural attractions of Brighton; it goes possible by elite company of Brighton escorts. Available at Bunnies Escorts, these angel-like escorts in the county bring themselves truly great company on any leisure and social scene. With unique galleries of escorts: blonde, brunette, elite and busty, the agency assures to cater diverse interests of its clients ably. To book any of them for attainment of utmost pleasure in Brighton, Gatwick Airport and Surrey, give a Buzz on: +07826 582303.
  25. SexRoller

    Escorts and Prostitution

    Go to place called Mira Flores
  26. mazafakas

    Escorts and Prostitution

    Hi guy, in my country (Perú) contacts girls in webpage escorts agency call https://prostivedettes.com, exists other in google
  27. bob232289

    Sex and Prostitution Reports

    Oh, and pricing...not exactly sure. I suggested 5,000 shilling (equivalent to $50) and it got accepted without question every time. To put it in perspective, some of the local girls in Diani Beach have come from Mombasa to cut their travel time. They rent a small room off the beach for 2,000 shilling a month ($20). One told me she came from Nairobi for work and that her rent in Nairobi was "very high" at 5,000 shilling / month. If you are really tight, you might suggest less, possiblly a lot less. If you are from a western economy and in Diani Beach on vacation paying $50 for an hour is a bargain, and you might consider that the girls need the money more than you do. Most of the girls I met were in their mid-20's...very beautiful.
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