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Guest laufhaus

The fate of foreign prostitutes in the Vulkanstrasse. Living and working with the sex discounters.


From the Vulkanstrasse you climb a couple of steps and a narrow passage leads into the twilight. It is necessary to accustom your eyes to the half-light. But the men coming thru the entrance move swiftly, finding their way as surely as a sleepwalker. Most of them seem to know their way around.


As it is now the early afternoon, only a few 'Freier', as the guests are called here, are wandering around the so-called Laufhaus. First of all there is a stroll around the central lobby, off which the rooms are arranged like a honeycomb. At the first open door, a young woman is sitting on a bar stool. She typifies that type of female that most Central Europeans would associate with the concept 'Latin'.


The 19 year old Liz is slightly-built, beautiful and rather drowsy. The long black hair of the South American is still wet and glistening. She had washed it directly after getting up in order to be ready for the next shift. A bit embarrassed, she indicates the neighboring doors here on the ground floor. Most of them are shut, because the girls are still sleeping. The brothel is having a bit of a rest because it was a long night.


Liz only speaks Spanish and the understanding is difficult. But it is sufficient for the Freier. The price of the goods on offer are worked out with sign language. It's simliar to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Supply and demand determine the price here also.


'By hand 20 Euro'. 'Blow job and sex together 80 Euro'. 'Undressing' and 'Touching' cost extra. But in the early afternoon, trade is not too brisk and satisfaction is a matter for negotiation. In the Laufhaus it is Happy Hour for Freier.


Directly on the left around the corner, two doors further on, works Juana. She can speak a few words of English and German. The 22 year old comes from Venezuala. The pretty Chica, with indian-spanish ancestry, comes from a small village on the coast. Quite a big step all the way to the Vulkanstrasse in Duisburg. Many women are forced into prostitution against their will, say the Christian aid-organization 'Solwodi'. The police have not been able to confirm this - if they were able to do so then then would need to step in.


Juana's room is as large as a prison cell. As a 'workplace' there is a simple divan covered by a yellow floral sheet. A small television hangs from the ceiling. Behind a further door is presumably to be found the toilet. There is a wash basin with mirror cabinet made from plastic, various liquid soaps and the obligatory kitchen roll.


Past Juana's room the way thru the ground floor leads to the stairs up to two dozen rooms on the the first and second stories. At last on the upper floors it becomes clear as to why this is a brothel of the 'Laufhaus' type. The Freier wander through the corridors and floors and weigh up the women standing at the open doors, while walking by. Nowhere is there a bar or a lounge for familiarization.


The Laufhaus is a sex discounter, in which service is offered without any dressing or packaging. The furnishing in the houses Vulkanstrasse 11 to 25 is basic. Each room is functional. The owner has divided the former flats of the 1970s-built residential building into many smaller rooms. They are rented on an hourly, daily or weekly basis to prostitutes, who pay between 120 and 180 Euros daily. The foreign prostitutes live ans sleep here also.


Included in the rental are security measures. All corridors and staircases are watched by cameras. And each room is fitted out with an alarm switch.


A housekeeper watches that the customers are behaving properly. He is proud of the good atmosphere in the brothel and sorts things out when sometimes the girls argue among themselves: 'the South American can be right prim and proper'. The man is something like a caretaker with muscle. He clears the rubbish away and turns a bit of a blind eye to payment of the rent, if a prostitute has not been attracting too many Freier.

Source: Neue Rheinische Zeitung

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Guest redlightdistrict
Duisburg's prostitution business is due to expand - and the city is glad of it.


In the next two months, two new brothels are to open in the vicinity of the Stadtwerke tower. The representatives of Duisburg-Center let it be known that they had given the green light for a planned new development with 57 rooms on Vulkanstrasse and one with 46 rooms on Julius-Weber-Strasse. Up till now stand there apartment blocks which ,according to official language will now be given over to a 'commercial letting'. Only a few months ago, a new brothel had opened on Vulkanstrassee. The city views the women for sale as a tourist attraction. 'I have always been of the opinion that a half-million town requires a suitable red-light district', says planning head Jurgen Dressler. It's good that this works to the advantage of town planning. The location is suitable, the usage established and no greater possibilities are up for consideration, according to Dressler.

Source:  TAZ-Bericht

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Guest prostitution

Sex Palace


Julius-Weberstrasse 36-42 | 47053 Duisburg | 0203 - 729 75 40 

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