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Test Bogota and some suggestions

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I made a test on Bogota. The hurried tips that some guys gave me on another forum have been pulverized. Everything is the opposite of everything. In my first post here I wrote I'm not young, I'm over 50 and I'm good looking. I used Badoo to take the test and I wrote to 50 girls aged 18-34. Most of them answered me and after talking to them for some minutes all them wanted to meet me because they thought I was in Colombia. They were upset when I said that I was not in Colombia but that I will go there in a few months.
So my doubts are these:
Maybe I'm irresistibly handsome and all the girls, even the youngest, fell in love with me at first sight, or all them are prostitutes.
I think all them are regular girls even if they love my money. But it is good for me because I like only regualr girls and not pro girls.

Now I ask for advice. I'm addicted to ugandan girls and all them are incredibly sweet, cheerful and friendly. I love them for these peculiarity.
I ask: are the regular girls in Bogota equally sweet, cheerful and friendly? Maybe the calenas are better in that? If I don't find those characteristics in a woman I will go elsewhere.
If you know well Colombia, I hope you can give me some suggestions.

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