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Where to find prostitutes in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan?




The Disco at the AK ALTYN hotel is the top pussy place in Ashgabat city.


Since the disco proper does not open until 11pm, the action starts up in the Ambassador Lounge located on the mezzanine floor after about 9pm on most nights.


There is rumor going around that the Ak Altyn shares the list of names and phone numbers with the local cops. Fee to take the girl to your room is 30 dollars and you need to pay it for the hotel security. Most girls in Ashgabat are not greedy and are happy to take $75 for an hour and $100 for the night as long as they don't have to share with security hotel security.


The Ak Altyn Disco differs from the other disco clubs in Ashgabat (the Grand Turkmen (located in the Grand Turkmen Hotel) and the Florida Disco (located upstairs from the British Pub).


In the weekends you will see a plenty of non-working girls and couples come to theAk Altyn Disco to party. There are plenty women who come to dance and look for love so the dynamics between the pros and non-pros can be quite electric.


Both the Ak Altyn Disco and the Ambassador Lounge and Karakoe are allowed to stay open until at least 4am. On weekends they will be allowed to stay open until 7am.





After 9pm most nights you get the usual cast of characters (hookers) who eventually migrate over to either the Grand Turkmen across the street, the Florida Disco upstairs or the Ak Altyn after midnight.




Located across the street from the British Pub, the Grand Turkmen (formerly a Sheraton property) has two establishments worthy of note. The cocktail lounge on the mezzanine and the disco club in the basement floor. The cocktail lounge on the mezzanine is kind of boring. Most girls are snobby and will not leave the place unless you pay $150 for one hour.

The disco in the basement is a real meat market. Girls are all hookers and the guys are there to get paid pyssy. Rates are standard at $120 to $150 for a hou




The President hotel is much more out of the way than the other two hotels mentioned earlier. While it does not have a disco club, there is a cocktail lounge piano bar on the highest floor. Most prostitutes are little older and prices start from $100.




City Pub is located just west of the British Pub. It is much smaller than the British Pub, it is more of a Sports Bar. Place is more occupied by men and regular girls. Not often you will find hookers from here.




Kapet Dag is technically 3 bars in one. Kapet Dag, the Lizard Lounge and Pub. Negative is that Kapet Dag closes at midnight and most girls are not prostitutes.

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