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    Transexual and Shemale Escorts

    You can visit https://ecstasy.pl/en/trans.html
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    General Reports

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    Brothels & FKK Clubs

    Kontakthof A-1230 Wien, Erlaaerstrasse 37 , Vieann (Open: 9-23) To get here, you take the U6 to the Alt Erlaa stop, and then the 66 bus towards Liesing 3 stops. There's a side enterance to the place that should be easily found by walking past the main enterance and turning right on the first street just past it. The Kontakthof is your typical "laufhaus" where you walk through and find hookers sitting in their rooms, or standing in the doorway. Surprisingly enough, for 50 € you get a 15 minute ride that is wild and worth every penny.
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    General Reports

    Hey buddies, take care of this website: http://www.shenzhenmassages.org/gallery/ Never send the girl in the picture and is so expensive (1000 Yeun) I call the number of the website and deal for this girl Olivia. They send an ugly girl to my room in hotel and she try to give me better price but I don like her anywhere. So i quit and had to pay 100 Yeun to the girl for the taxi to leave. Then the people of this website call me to verify that the girl was in my room. I say: isn't what I was looking for, she left and I pay the cab, so they offer me another. I say if I don't like I will not pay nothing. In one hour come to my room other girl, even more ugly and aggressive. I say, I don't like you please leave my room. She ask for money for cab, 200 yuan. I say No way. Then, that fucking girl take my wallet from the table and get off many bills. I had to get my wallet and forced to leave my room. fortunately I could take her Movil and she don't take more money. But begin to speak loud and I have to give back the Movil and push it to leave the room. It was a fucking bad experience in Shenzhen. So I think is better go out and see the product first and not order it by Internet and not to bring her to your own hotel.