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  1. larry900

    General Reports

    i found what i thought was a very nice woman on adam i eve website and arranged a taxi to take me to her appt up on the hill..she looked about 20 in the photo but when i arrived at her place she was about 59 and very haggard looking .she gave me a very bad BJ and would not let me touch her tits or fanny.. so this was the last straw .i told myself no more trips to sofhia ..the average woman in the street looks ok but you need to speak some local lingo to get ahead there or she needs to speak some english
  2. larry900

    London, Soho and Shepherd Market

    shepherd makt belongs to history as for the hookers .WW2 period 1946 ea
  3. larry900

    General Reports

    blame your own residents for fostering scamming online date site with fake photos and profiles and inaccurate info about the areas you will find streetwalkers .. the government needs to foster red lite areas such as bangkok and amsterdam, and beer gardens where you can meet women .. it is a great country and women in the street are very nice if you have lots of time. but i wouldnt want to risk it again as better places to go for the hobbyist monger ...it would be a wasted flight and trip ...without some certainty where you can meet women.. good luck in your quest ..expats in sophia said it was good before Bulgaria joined the EU ...
  4. larry900

    General Reports

    on another forum it says studentskigrad is no better for freelancers ,but plenty of bars and clubs but unless you speak some local lingo i dont rate your chances .. better to go elsewhere than waste your time in sofhia ..its a dump ...
  5. larry900

    General Reports

    theres some nice bulgarian females working in athens and theyre ok but forget sofia for hookers its crap
  6. larry900

    Street Prostitution and Freelancers

    to come up to date in 2016 ,freelancers of good appearance are getting hard to find now in BKK , as more decent jobs are available now such as 7-11.. bar areas are crumby compared with the 90s .more ladyboys and fat women of rough appearance are there now. patpong has degenerated and nana too .in fact the sex industry in BKK is on its last legs,, as recorded by stickman ..more gals have pimps and force them to shag more guys per night and the longtimers have more or less vanished ,its also expensive in bkk to live so they have to process more guys. the thermae has been ruined by jap guys paying them 5000 for a quicktime so now they all want 5000 ST, and no chance of a longtimer there at all if you follow stickmans sunday blog you can keep abreast of changes .or read back on his blog and submissions ,or thailand red cat dot com
  7. larry900

    General Reports

    there are old online reports of streetwalkers in hitoche boulavard but there are none to be seen ,there are plenty of cops waiting to arrest any hookers though,reports online are out of date
  8. larry900

    General Reports

    the prices shown on the bulgarian escort sites are fiction ,they wont work for that fee when they arrive so you have to haggle over every litle thing and then they wont deliver on the agreed deal and whine and moan about everything ,''dont touch my tits''.. dont do this . dont do that ..its fuking terrible i tell ya ..it may seem cheap on the site but you can be sure the price shown is pure BULLSHIT
  9. larry900

    Alternative Way to Find Female Company

    trouble is more and more criminals are using fake photos for their women so the women who arrives isnt likely to resemble the babe in the photo. in which case its best to terminate the deal rather than hand over a wad of cash for a shit service ..these fakers ruin it for other women and its getting more common nowadays.. be very wary of photos on escort sites as not likely to be actual ..you can warn them when ordering a gal that if they dont look like the photo you will terminate the deal
  10. larry900

    London, Soho and Shepherd Market

    too expensive in mayfair now for hookers to exist there ...never seen any for years ,,but soho has good walkups with euro gals at around 45 a session .been using them for years and never had any problems ,berwick street and little newport sreet ,,china town sometimes has chinese women offering a massage but never went with them .theres a walkup there staffed by pilipino and that gals on alternate days but usually busy .. soho is the same as ever no changes there ,gals get changed over every 3 months so the selection changes .head for berwick street
  11. larry900

    Massage Parlor Reports

    no massage parlours as they were closed down some time ago by allegedly the US ambassador interference to get them shut
  12. larry900

    General Reports

    the women i listed here have been removed from adam i eva but no doubt there is more fakes in their places ,you are very unlikely to find any genuine hottys on the bulgarian escort sites
  13. larry900

    Red-light district Reports

    coming back from piraues to athens central on the train we passed mini brothels with the small white light outside the door ,open in the afternoon so mini brothels are all over the place as prostituion is the only game in town in the current economic downturn .to make some cash ,as above most have 1 2 or 3 gals working and they rotate throughout the day and night.. 10-20 euros depending on what the gal looks like ..i sat opposite of a mini brothel in athens at a restaurant and punters just walked out if the gal was rough looking ,,i went in for a look prior ,and saw dozens of guys walk out and not buy.. ts actually a white light district ,few red lights..........the entrance with a white light is the indicator wherever you are in greece
  14. larry900

    Street Prostitute Reports

    i have just returned from athens and the streetwalker situation is very difficult for non greeks !problem being they speak little english and after trying all the streets listed on this forum found absolutely no streetwalkers especially the students selling sex for a cheese pie or a small amount of euros . gazi area appeared to have some by the station at keramikos but they show little interest ,they may have just been waiting for their boyfriend or mates you just cant be sure thats the problem ,so your only choice is to use fillis street or metaxorigiou area where theres tons of mini brothels with some nice gals at 10-20 euros.you get about 10 minutes for BJ and intercorse .. if you pay extra you can get 69 and anal sex or take 2 women .or half hour ...they have some greek or bulgarian or spanish gals of early 20s and good figures most with big tits ..theres also what they call studios with a number like studio 6 or studio 24 but they werent open when i passed by ..the studios can be anywhere in town in the back streets ..these charge about 80-90 euros and gals can be russian or anywhere in the local countries..its not easy like Bangkok where you can find nice friendly women in well known beer gardens or the thermae or soi4 ..disaapointing not to find any streetwalkers ..i asked taxi drivers to take me to see some streetwalkers but they said ''forget it'', worried about being nicked by the cops it seemed ...there was some crackdown on street pros as they dont pay any tax and the gumment i s in trouble with the EU at the present time.. i asked a taxi driver where are the street prostitutes ..and he replied ''everywhere'' but wouldt elaborate on actually where. maybe they were out at 3am or 4 am theres no way of knowing .. if you lived there full time no doubt you would have a ball but you need to sharpen your greek speach first .. on the metro in the evening there were huge numbers of hot babes and eye contact was good but hard to get some conversation in a train carraige to break the ice ..so dissapointed at the lack of hot sudents selling pussy ,, no doubt they need the money as locals are skint but pinning one down is difficult ..i didnt see any other sex tourists with hot babes so it must be hard .nor any being taken in to hotels .i didnt see any african women selling pussy either ...in the back pages of the local papers there are adverts for pros but its in greek ..these are mostly workers in studios and they charge 80-90 euros