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    Sex Shops and Adult Arcades

    Anyone in here visited Loft 18 Adult Cinema in Toronto located on Yonge Street? I heard there is lots of gay and bi curious guys having sex in booths, but is it possible to find women from there ever?
  2. Orangemen

    Shemale / Transexual Reports

    You can find shemale hookers in Amsterdam from Barndesteeg and Bloedstraat. Also there is more transeuxuals in surrounding streets. Price is 50 euros (suck and fuck), but sometimes you negotiate the deal for as little as 25 euros if you are good looking. Better looking ones are on Bloedstraat and not so pretty ones on Barndesteeg. Actually I would say that on Bloedstraat all t-girls have fake boobs and on Barndesteeg not all have boobs so I guess you would call them crossdressers. Lately there have been more post-op (they have cut their penis out and have a vagina) on Bloedstraat. Usually if you stare long enough for tranny hookers at the RDL they will show their penis, rub it or show the size with their hands.
  3. Orangemen

    Street Prostitute Reports

    There are particular areas in Tirana here you can find prostitutes. In the centre, near the major hotels on the main streets. The Albanian street hookers in the street usually belong to the lower strata of society and many Albanian street girls are Roma gypsies. You can find them both day and night, in one of the most degraded areas of the city, under bridges, river Lana.
  4. Orangemen

    General Reports

    To post a reply to a topic, select the “Reply to this topic" button on top or adding your post in “Reply to this topic" section at the bottom. If you can not find the information you are looking for, you can also check out the Syria Red Light District Guide from: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/syria
  5. Orangemen

    Escorts and Prostitution

    Xiang Xi Cun is a famous red-light district in Luo Hu. You have to walk into a dark and small alley to find the girls. Try to go there before 7 pm as the girls will sit or stand along the alley for your choosing. They will hide in the building under the staircase after 7pm to 12am as the "Gong An" or police trying to raid them. During this time only pimps will come out, talk to the pimps and they will bring you into the buildings to choose the girls. Short time RMB 150 - 200. Overnight RMB 600. If you bring the girls to your hotel for long time, be careful of you belonging. They might steal your belonging in the middle of the night when you are sleeping and you will not able to find them anymore. Source: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Shenzhen
  6. Orangemen

    Street Prostitute Reports

    In Shanghai around the Old Town and the Science Museum in Pudong many prostitutes will try to approach single males. There are some good looking hookers, but be aware some are just trying to steel your cash.
  7. Orangemen

    Red-light district

    Red Light Districts of Shanghai can be found from here: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Shanghai#Red_Light_Districts
  8. Orangemen

    General Reports

    You will not find a Yemeni girl in Sanaa unless you have local friends but that can involve a lot of time and cash as you will be left in the lurch more often than not. You can see some rich Yemeni girl dancing in tight skirts at Movenpick´s hotel (Berlin St, Sana'a, Yemen).
  9. Orangemen

    General Reports

    Is there any major prostitution areas in Astana?
  10. Orangemen

    Brothel Reports

    You can find Sofia prostitution and erotic massage / brothel map from this site. http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Sofia Brothels in Sofia cost maybe 35 euros cheapest per hour, some good ones charge up to 100 euros per hour.
  11. Orangemen


    Has anyone visited this erotic massage salon called Lomi in Poznań? It looks they have a very erotic massage with good price list thats not too expensive. Just 50 euros / 200 zl for tantric 4 hand massage. Poznań Poznańska Street 62 tel. kom: 888-949-308 e-mail: [email protected] web http://www.gabinetlomi.pl/en/kontakt_p.html
  12. Orangemen

    Escorts and Prostitution

    There are many local and international escorts in Miami. Plenty of great erotic massage parlors and nude bars. Something for every sex tourist! You can also find Miami escorts, streetwalkers, body rubs, strippers & strip bars, ts & male escorts from WikiSexGuide: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Miami
  13. Orangemen

    Street Prostitute Reports

    Is there any street prostitution in Bern?
  14. Orangemen

    Erotic Massage Parlors

    Sexual massage is offered all around Bucharest. There are about 100 erotic massage parlours in Bucharest and the best ones are located downtown and with little bit higher prices. You can get complete erotic massage even for 80 Romanian Leu (about 25 USD$) but the masseuse would be an older and not so pretty woman. The erotic massage parlours with higher rates are usually the legal ones, who give you the receipts when you pay and offer only erotic massage and not sex. The rates at these places are higher, about 200 Romanian Leu (about 65 USD$) and for this you receive a good relaxing & erotic massage made by young, pretty and naked masseuses.
  15. Orangemen

    Street Prostitute Reports

    Is there any street prostitute areas in Sosua?
  16. Orangemen

    Street Prostitute Reports

    Last time in Vilnius back in 2011 I saw lots of street whores around the bus station and Mc Donalds. This was at around 11pm. Price was around 25-30 USD according to the exchange rate that time. I think Vilnius have cheapest street hookers of the Baltic States.
  17. Orangemen

    General Reports

    You can find Vilnius prostitution and erotic massage / brothel map from this site with street addresses: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Vilnius Vilnius has cheap whores near bus depot and McDonalds...some nice massage studios also..handjob and massage is maybe 80 in euros...
  18. Orangemen

    Brothels and Whore Houses

    Has anyone tried Laventure´s escort services? They have in-call services so you will be able to fuck the girls at their place. You can find thei ad on: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Madrid/Escort_agencies/Laventure_Companions
  19. Orangemen

    General Reports

    Is there any other cities in UAE that are popular with escorts such as Abu Dhabi or Dubai?
  20. Orangemen

    Street Prostitute Reports

    How much street girls in Teheran charge and where can you find them? Is it possible for western men to pick them up or do you need to have Persian friend to talk for them?
  21. Orangemen

    Escorts and Prostitution

    Interesting article from 2004 from baltictimes.com. Estonia is not as wild anymore, but this article kind of brings back old memories! Estonia becoming a European prostitution-tourism capital Jan 08, 2004 By Aleksei Gunter TALLINN - Estonia needs more information campaigns and active involvement on the part of politicians to tackle the social risks caused by prostitution, sociologists from the institute of the Open Estonia Foundation said. According to the institute's survey released in December, "Prostitution in Estonia: Social and Economic Pressure," Estonia has one of the highest numbers of prostitutes per capita in Europe with 30 per 10,000 residents, second only to Germany. In all, there are about 4,000 prostitutes in Estonia and about 300,000 in Germany, according to the survey. Such a vast market exists due to sex tourism, and in the Baltic country the largest group of adherents is predominantly made up of Finns, according to the institute. Currently it is legal to provide and to buy sex services in Estonia, but the mediation of such services is banned. Police investigators often have difficulties proving that a place registered as a private residency or a bar or sauna is actually managing the sale of sex services. In Tallinn alone there are some 50 brothels, and some of them are known to every resident of the district, though investigators have not been able to shut them all down. In neighboring countries where for the past several decades the state has stepped in to control or eliminate prostitution the situation is different, wrote the survey. There are seven and three prostitutes per 10,000 residents in Finland and Sweden respectively. Iris Pettai, one of the sociologists who worked on the survey, said Estonia should move toward the Swedish understanding of buying sex services, where it is considered violence against women. However, before the ban was introduced in 1999 the government in Sweden spent about 20 years conducting anti-prostitution ad campaigns. The accuracy of the survey, however, was criticized by the police, particularly in regards to the alleged number of prostitutes in the country. Ivi Proos from the OEF Institute admitted that the numbers could be approximate, but he stressed that producing fully accurate reports on a shady and illegal business was impossible. "In Estonia about 48 percent of men and 34 percent of women think both prostitution and brothels must be legalized," said Proos, referring to the survey. "Estonian people are not ready to consider prostitutes as victims of the sex business." According to the survey, the average brothel client was a 36-year-old male, often with a university degree, usually married and having an above-average income. About 12 percent of Estonian men have visited a brothel at least once in their life, wrote the survey.
  22. Orangemen

    Red-light district Reports

    I went to Thessaloniki´s red light area two years ago. I really like the idea how there was only one girl in each brothel we visited. On going price for a hooker at the Thessaloniki brothels in 25 euros. Some girls asked 35 euros, but overall most wanted only 25 euros and I think it is a great deal. I guess area can be kind of dangerous at the nighttime because there is also tranny streetwalkers at the Thessaloniki red light area and I heard they steal sometimes money from tourists and beat them up. I had Greek friends with me, so I do not know if they normally ask more from tourists because they did all the negotiations. Most girls were from Bulgaria or Romania, but there was also some Moldovan, Russian and Albanian hookers in brothels. My friend fucked this Romanian girl in a brothel and for 25 euros he got french kissing, blow job with out a condom, 69 and sex. That is a great deal in any country in Europe!
  23. Orangemen

    Highway Prostitution

    Border Towns Perhaps the areas where prostitution is most visible is on the roads leading to border towns such as Cheb and Dubi, where scores of prostitutes can be seen lining the streets clad in skimpy outfits, even during the cold seasons. Although it is a torrid life for these girls, the government has done very little to counter the problem.
  24. Orangemen

    General Reports

    How much Palestinian girls charge for a quick sex or is there even possibility to find any street hookers or brothel establishments?
  25. Orangemen

    General Reports

    You can find Venezuela prostitution map from http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Venezuela