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    Escorts and Prostitution

    I am the executive assistant to Dennis Hof, star of HBO’s CATHOUSE series and owner of 7 legal Nevada brothels. Mr. Hof will be traveling to San Juan Nov 17 - 20th. He has interviews set up with ladies who would like to come work at the BunnyRanch - ( please check out our website http://www.BunnyRanch.com ) Also he would like to pursue the possibility of opening a BunnyRanch in Puerto Rico. In addition, Mr. Hof will have some free time on his hands and would like to socialize with local working ladies and may be partying with some of them. If you are interested in meeting Mr. Hof, please reply with a selfie, so we can make sure the photo is of you, and not a photo of someone else. Please take note that I am sending you this email from my BunnyRanch.com email account so that you will know that I am authentic and legitimate. Thank you DeAnne Holliday Personal Assistant to Dennis Hof email: [email protected]