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  1. oldenglishcock

    Transsexuals and cross dressers

    ​I understand that Groningen has a large Transsexual and cross dressing population. Aside from the working girls in the windows are there particular bars or clubs where these "girls" can be found
  2. oldenglishcock

    Hoekstraat/Muurstraat Window Girls

    can confirm that in the street Captioned the basic rate is 30 Euro in Nieuwstad the price is 50Euro
  3. oldenglishcock

    Hoekstraat/Muurstraat Window Girls

    Took a walk down this area last night generally the girls look a little older and not quite as good a quality as those in Nieuwstad. ​After some window shopping I made inquiries at a window with two girls, neither of which spoke English. Pity they were an 8 or 9! Another window older girl seemed to offer sex & blow job for 30Euro, this seemed to cheap. Tried another window African origin girl early 30s well proportioned, again 30 Euro for sex and blow job. After I had paid and stripped off she tried to offer something extra for another 20 Euro , could not understand so continued with the original deal. Not bad for a quickie at that price.
  4. oldenglishcock

    Where is the action in Groningen?

    I have been there on several occassions when women have been present, one I fingered in a glory hole booth downstairs as she kissed her partner, another couple allowed guys to fuck the lady, I fucked her twice :)
  5. oldenglishcock

    Where is the action in Groningen?

    Thanks for the assistance. I have also tried out videotheek 3000, although noted in the guide as Gay it also attracts heterosexual men women and couples. Well worth watching the dating section of their website as they broadcast when couples women or TV,s have entered. Entrance a mere 8 euro.
  6. oldenglishcock

    Where is the action in Groningen?

    HI, Moving to Groningen shortly looking for tips and pointers for finding the best girls. I am over 50 so mature girls are more my thing
  7. oldenglishcock

    Erotic and Thai Massage Parlours

    Perhaps the number is wrong, I read it from the window?? https://www.google.fi/maps/@60.185318,24.95301,3a,75y,83.73h,86.1t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sqaMyjRQWnupO7wCgYKfeLw!2e0?hl=en
  8. oldenglishcock

    Erotic and Thai Massage Parlours

    Visited a parlour at 61 Fleminginkatu on Sunday, what a treat! Met at the door by Fay a short Thai girl with ample breasts and a cheeky smile. I asked for massage and sex she offered 80 Euros so I wasnt going to try and negotiate her down. The massage was performed with her in a matching bra and briefs set and very good is was too. Then came for the main event on with the condom after a little simulated oral. So a bit of covered oral from her before I went down on her cute sweet tasting pussy. She seemed to enjoy it then on to sex in missionary with her legs over my shoulders then she finished me cow girl. This girl is a gem, please treat her with respect you will be well satisfied. She only works at this location at week ends,
  9. oldenglishcock


    Dont know of any myself suggest you a website called seksitreffit
  10. oldenglishcock

    Ladyboy & Shemale Escorts

    Cum in her pussy (in condom) no BBBJ
  11. oldenglishcock

    Erotic and Thai Massage Parlours

    Yes on looking again I think they are apartment numbers
  12. oldenglishcock

    Erotic and Thai Massage Parlours

    Dont think so, will chack again nexct time I am in the area.
  13. oldenglishcock

    Erotic and Thai Massage Parlours

    In some of the windows there are numbers 16, 19 or 20 for example, they do not correspond with block or street numbers
  14. oldenglishcock

    Erotic and Thai Massage Parlours

    Anyone know the significance of the numbers on some of the parlour windows?
  15. oldenglishcock

    Escorts and Prostitution

    Not sure if it is allowed in Forum but can anyone provide details of good on line escort and if possible good dating sites.