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  1. Alexander1970

    Street Prostitute Reports

    I seen these phone booth cards in London on my past trips. But I was just wondering do they still have phone booths in London? Don´t everyone carry a cellphone with them? Are the phone booths still in there for as a tourist attraction?
  2. Alexander1970

    Hoekstraat/Muurstraat Window Girls

    That is cheap. Usually there are always some girls in the Dutch cities who are willing to sell sex for 30 euro. In Amsterdam, you can also find 30 euro girls from the black girl street at the red lights.
  3. Alexander1970

    Cali or Bogota: some questions

    Bogota. Absolutely.
  4. Alexander1970

    General Reports

    Where can you guys find action in Baku?
  5. Alexander1970

    Breast Milk

    Understand. I want to try something really sick some day too. I would not mind someone squirting breast milk on my face, but I think I would puke if I had to drink it from the nipple, except after exercise I may be really thirsty and would not mind.
  6. Alexander1970

    Russian girls in Bangkok

    Sure. That is what they all say. but yeah. 3000 baht equals to US$90 or EURO 80. Are these long-time or short-time rates? Btw if someone needs the address of Raja hotel, it is: 18 Soi Sukhumvit2 & Sukhumvit4 Sukhumvit Road Klongtoey 10110
  7. Alexander1970

    Breast Milk

    Are you serious dude? You want to drink breast milk? Just go tot the pharmacy or shop and buy some Enfamil. It is a Human Milk Fortifier Powder. Drink that!
  8. Alexander1970

    Red-light district Reports

    Sounds like you had fun in there. Were there any transvestite prostitutes at the bordellos or street?
  9. Alexander1970

    Brothels and Sex Clubs

    It is very hard to tell which bordello is the best in Cape Town. I would just ask from the taxi driver once I would be in the city. Escort agencies and bordellos who have websites tend to ask much higher prices than the brothels that are mainly used by locals and the quality of the girls is still the same. I do not know if Mavericks still exists, but it was a strip club located in Barrack St. My buddy use to go there and had lots of fun with sexy girls. Lap dance costed around 300 RS, and if you had enough money you could take a girl with you home and fuck her.
  10. Alexander1970

    Shemale / Transexual Reports

    Sorry friend. I am not in Amsterdam. Just get two trannies and have threesome with them. I am sure you will enjoy.
  11. Alexander1970

    Shemale / Transexual Reports

    I would say that 9 out of 10 trans-girls who work in the Amsterdam red light district do threesomes. You just need to pay 50 euro to each girl. If you want to have a threesome with Amsterdam trannies, then go to the Bloedstraat example and pick two t-girls you like, talk to them and if they agree, then pay. 100 euro should give you a 20 minute of good sex.
  12. Alexander1970

    Erotic and Thai Massage Parlours

    Is this the "Laithong Thaihieronta" massage place you are talking about? I love google map street pics, they are so handy.
  13. Alexander1970

    Erotic and Thai Massage Parlours

    I think your address is incorrect. I could not find any Thai massage place from this address according the google maps or internet. There is not even such an street number on Fleminginkatu.
  14. Alexander1970

    Be careful about Taksim Sq. and Istiklal St. area

    I agree 40 TL for entrance and drink is reasonable. This is about $20. This nightclub scam can happen anywhere in Turkey, so be a careful!
  15. Alexander1970

    Street Prostitute Reports

    Do you have any pictures? I would love to see. Maybe next time take a face pic of the girl ! I love black street girls, they suck the dick better and have better asses white girls.
  16. Alexander1970

    Live sex shows

    The Star Theater, formerly known as Princess Theatre and several other names, became an adult theater in 1960s which showed erotic films and also had striptease on stage. In the 1970s the Star Theater experimented with presenting everything from underground and classic comedy films to controversial "live sex shows". Eventually the Star Theater went back to the somewhat less controversial porn movies and live strippers. In the period of 1979–1983 one of the strippers at the Star Theater was a teenage Courtney Love. The Star Theater was closed in 1985. This is the information I found about the live sex clubs in Portland. My guess is that these type of clubs are nowadays illegal everywhere in U.S. except in Nevada. But if you like to watch people having sex, then why don´t you go to a swingers club: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Portland_%28Oregon%29
  17. Alexander1970

    Escorts and Prostitution

    Thank you for your information Barbarian! These are very reasonable prices you are quoting. 1000 baht for a 26 years old for a long time and 1500 baht to 2000 baht for a young girl under 30. Where did you pay these prices and why you paid twice more for this other girl? Was she really hot or what? Bar fine what I paid was also 300 baht.
  18. Alexander1970

    Escorts and Prostitution

    Thank you for your information Barbarian! These are very reasonable prices you are quoting. 1000 baht for a 26 years old for a long time and 1500 baht to 2000 baht for a young girl under 30. Where did you pay these prices and why you paid twice more for this other girl? Was she really hot or what?
  19. Alexander1970

    Strip Club Reports

    You can ask the strippers if they do out-calls. Most of the time they can not leave until the club closes. You have to talk and find out from them. If you have money, most girls will surround you at the strip clubs. At discos, the gold diggers will go after you, but not the good girls.
  20. Alexander1970

    Strip Club Reports

    I guess it is only in Scandinavia where masturbation is normal at the private shows. Most other countries I would ask a permission first.
  21. Alexander1970

    Strip Club Reports

    OK. Fresno is 2000 miles from Atlanta. Why don´t you tell about Atlanta Strip Clubs in here at Atlanta Strip Clubs forum: http://forum.wikisexguide.com/topic/2057-strip-club-reports/
  22. Alexander1970

    General Reports

    This android app is great on any holiday destination and will get you laid as long you do not look like a troll or monster. Did you look the sex places already from wikisexguide: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Antalya
  23. Alexander1970

    Red-light district

    Just go to The Hague redlight areas. You can find trannies there and there price is 50 euro if you want them to fuck you or if you want to fuck them, this price includes also mutual oral sex.
  24. Alexander1970

    General Reports

    Well whatever 50 euro is in US dollars. Right now it is about 60 USD. Street whores are always cheapest, then escorts and in the massage parlor you often pay most because you have to pay for the massage first. I do not know if these are still drug user prostitutes around the train station in Hague, but I did see a documentary in the past and they looked sadly horrible. Doublestraat, Gelenstraat and Hunsestraat have total of over 300 windows, but there are never really girls working behind every single window. It is very fun place to go! There are also transsexual prostitutes in the red light area and the price is often same 50 euros with them. Best gay bar in Den hague is De Vink, or that is what my co worker said and he is pretty darn gay.