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    General Reports

    300-500 dirham for 1 hour. If you are in a rush you will pay more.
  2. KumaDog

    Porn shops in Tokyo

    M Life in Akihabara is a pretty good shop. Small and narrow but has 7+ floors of adult items. So much stuff. Even used panties. Side streets offer great deals on idols dvds and blu-ray. Tokyo pumps out so much AV its mind boggling. On line, you can find uncensored DVDs and Blu-ray for sale at the net shops, they sell worldwide.
  3. KumaDog

    Ladyboy & Shemale Escorts

    I've been with a few newhalfu girls. Pornstars. They have been great and the sex was really good.
  4. KumaDog

    Street Prostitution

    Ueno is packed with girls from China and Korea. After 7 or 8pm not hard to find. I would be careful with street girls. Just for disease issues.