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    Brothel Reports

    This summer i want to spend two weeks in Bulgaria for a holidays , so maybe I'll visit one of those girls- wish me luck :) I hope there is no scam in Bulgaria- any one knows something more about this market ?
  2. Afterparty

    Massage Parlor Reports

    this is also good and cheap https://www.callgirls-europe.com/erotic-massage-krakow,1086?cc=56&ct=Krak%C3%B3w girls talk english
  3. Afterparty


    this one is the good one Nice and friendly girls https://www.callgirls-europe.com/anna-poznan,1930?cc=56&ct=Pozna%C5%84 https://agramassage.pl/
  4. Afterparty

    are Romanian girls easy to sex

    It depends if you have fat wallet :D
  5. oooo and do you have any answers from this escort5 ?
  6. Afterparty

    General Reports

    Ohhh- but did enyone have any good expierence with hookers in Bulgaria? Is it still so dangerous to meet with one of them? What about a private apartments? What about Sunny Beach area? im gonna visit there this summer, so maybe I will try one but have a fear of gangsters. :ph34r:
  7. Afterparty

    Transexual and Shemale Escorts

    In Warsaw and also in all Poland the shemale market is very poor ,there are few real shemale,and the rest are only ugly and fat men pretending that they are shemale, beacuse the dont know the concept shemale,The prices are different from 150pln up to 600pln for one hour here is Warsaw http://www.roksa.pl/en/advertisements/transvestites/Warszawa and here is the very good one in Katowice - south of Poland- my friend had a meeting with her and was really happy. http://www.callgirls-europe.com/shemale-barbie-katowice,1420?cc=56&ct= and the prices are still not so high compare to another countries :D
  8. Afterparty

    General Reports

    I live in Demark- and I see that prices in Denmark go down because many girls from eastern europe come and make competition, but still is more expensive than in eastern europe countries
  9. Afterparty

    GangBangs more popular

    I found an ad about a gang bang in Vejle for 2 hours with one nice lady. My question to all of you is anyone was at such party? I would like to know how that is playng, about atmosphere there and maybe about your expierience from this. It could be very exciting to be there-but Im rather shy - in crowded place with another guys,can be strange, what do you think about it? Is it safety, descreet? Maybe another time I book myself - but must be sure 100% http://www.callgirls-europe.com/gang-bang-i-vejle-vejle,423?cc=12&ct=&p=1
  10. Afterparty

    Street Prostitution

    I really want to understand - why you look for streetwalker, they are the bottom. You can pay a little more and have one hour with clean nice girl at her flat. You want just go to this street and see them or what? Street prostitution is ending since in east europe we have a mobile phones and girls can offer companion i them private flats, not on the street. Omg- think about the danger...the PIMPs from streets - steel and scum and not nice sex in the dirty gates.
  11. Afterparty

    General Reports

    I think is much bigger number- many girls have no job, no future... many of them make sex for money- but they are called " silentgivers" because they have no adverts and so on...on the biggest polish site is over 10 000 adverts- so what about the silentgivers... it's more than we can think
  12. Afterparty

    Street Prostitution

    I was in Romania at the trip to Bulgaria- by car- I was driving thru all country- i saw many many hookers at the road- but... I was with my wife :( so no fucking- another thing was- I was tired, it was a lot of km to drive- but girls were really sexy looking - also romanian girls are staing at the roads in Poland- this is the cheapest meat to fuck - also probably they have many diseases.. so its a bit danger...maybe for bj only
  13. Afterparty

    General Reports

    or triple in Denmark
  14. Afterparty

    General Reports

    The most of the girls are polish- sometimes girls from the old russia land- west europe girls are not interested to work in Poland- because the prices are low..
  15. Afterparty

    General Reports

    You can find girl speaking at least basic english- i know the sites where they offer themself- but i don't want to link it here- because admin can think that I want make a promo- Im a new member here- I also want to find out more about hookers in Europe- I travel more - Advice - if you see in advertisment of one girl-that she works 24/7 - be carefull- one girl can not work all the time- it can means that they are more girl in one flat- and the pictures in advert is ... only from one the most beayty girl- try to avoid night clubs and agenies- too much money you spend and after few drinks- you will be able to do nothing- usually you can have nice time from 35usd per hour- and of course you can find girls with bigger price...have a nice f...ng in poland, if you want- priv massage I can send you link to sites with nice hookers in Krakow and Poland