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  1. Everyone who calls ladyboys bad should read this! Man arrested in Finnish Bag snatch attempt case from East Pattaya on: 06 November Thanks to a Ladyboy returning home after spending the night on Walking Street, a 30 year old suspected bag snatcher was arrested by Nongprue Police early on Friday Morning after being suspected of taking the bag from an elderly female jogger from Finland. The incident occurred in a remote road off Soi Siam Country Club, just before 8am. Mrs. Anneli Javinek aged 74 from Finland was out for her regular early morning jog when she encountered the suspect, Khun Winai aged 30, who pulled up beside her on his motorbike. He lunged towards the 74 year old and snatched her bag but the brave woman put up a fight and managed to take the suspects motorbike key which was thrown into a nearby field, preventing him from driving away. A ladyboy saw what was happening and came to offer assistance to Mrs. Javinek and the suspect was detained until Police arrived to arrest him. The suspect later claimed this was the first time he had committed a crime and simply wanted money to buy food and drink. He was later charged with aggravated theft and awaits a Court appearance. Source: Pattaya One
  2. RedLights

    Transexuals and Ladyboys

    Most trannies in Phnom Penh use dating apps like WeChat and Tinder these days. Example if you turn WeChat on the Street 51 (Pasteur) you will get a lot of t-girls who are nearby and they will come to your room if you ask. Tinder has lots of t-girl escorts also. Most of these online trannies ask $100 per short time, but you can always negotiate the price down. Nana Hotel is a good place if you want the escorts to come right up to your room. It is very cheap hotel and rooms are usually around $20 per night with A/C. Breakfast costs couple of dollars.
  3. RedLights

    Ko Samet

    I visited Ko Samet a while ago and here is the latest tips if you are looking for sex in Ko Samet. There are lots of possibilities to hook up with the tourist girls. Lots of horny young girls from Sweden and many other countries come to party to this island. You can find sex workers with the apps like WeChat from the island and also from the clubs near Samed Pavillion Resort. Ko Samet is not very good for mongering, but if you are young and goof looking you should get laid quite easily. There are also many massage parlors in the main street where you can also find 7/11 shop and restaurants.
  4. RedLights

    Ladyboy & Shemale Reports

    For 3000-5000 pesos you will get a really hot ladyboy for longtime. I recommend not sleeping if you have a ladyboy in your room, unless you do not have anything to steal. So be a careful. Most ladyboys are willing to be on the top if you pay them. They will do lots of kinky things for money.
  5. RedLights

    Street Prostitute Reports

    Wat Phnom park - The prostitute park!
  6. RedLights

    Street Prostitution

    Are you talking about the Lokasari Plaza shopping mall? You sound like an experienced traveller! If you have any pictures of the girls, you should post them in here!
  7. RedLights

    Escorts and Prostitution

    That is very cheap. But it is all about the taste. Some people like Asian looking girls and some prefer latinos :)
  8. RedLights

    General Reports

    OMG. I feel bad for you. I have done the same in Hungary though it´s maybe 15 years ago. These days I tend to be lazier and just order an escort.
  9. RedLights

    Amsterdam info required

    I would´nt think the big Amsterdam hotels would give you any trouble because there are so many people coming and going. Example try Moevenpick or Hotel Krasnapolsky! Or even better, just rent an apartment! 700 Euro should definitely be enough!
  10. RedLights

    Strip Clubs and Nude Bars

    Hello Julian! How much girls charge there for sex and are the erotic shows any good?
  11. RedLights

    General Reports

    True. Bulgaria is not the easy place unless you are a local or use to monger in there. Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Netherlands are much easier destinations as you can always see in the red light areas what you get. You may have to pay a little more, but most of the times you dont get scammed.
  12. RedLights

    Massage Parlor Reports

    True. I usually just pay the regular fee for a 15 or 20 minutes and then try to time my ejaculation on the last minutes. I have never exceeded the time. But as most of us know, the girls usually start telling you to hurry up after 10 minutes which can be annoying.
  13. RedLights

    General Reports

    You have really had some terrible time in Bulgaria my friend. Scams are common in Bulgaria, but if you have some local friends I am sure you can find some nice looking girls too. Studentski Grad is a huge area with I think almost 50,000 residents. Very cheap housing, which attracts students, immigrants and escorts. Studentski Grad is also a great place to pick up girls if you are a young guy. Lots of parties, pubs and discos. It is actually very easy to find smart girls from there who are also willing to have sex. There are some gold diggers too, but sex is definitely possible to get for free!
  14. RedLights

    Massage Parlor Reports

    I have seen the same flyers in T-centraal. Never visited this parlor though.