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  1. Mapes

    Be careful about Taksim Sq. and Istiklal St. area

    This is so annoying in Turkey. It is not bad just for the person who gets robbed, but also bad for the whole country´s economy. I travelled with my friend first time in Turkey years ago. We travelled for 2 weeks together and loved the country, never got scammed a lot except by the taxi drivers and this happens almost every where in the world. But I had to leave to the Marmaris and my buddy staid 1 extra night in Istanbul alone. He got scammed by the same way at the club. Met a guy on the street, then went to the bar with him, had a couple drinks, then the guy left and my buddy asked for a bill and it was 700TL. He had to go the ATM, withdraw more cash and pay the bill. After that every time I see him, he keeps telling how bad place Turkey is and he keeps telling this to everyone. This is why Turkey gets so bad reputation and it is sad because there are still good people over there. BTW. It seems like this "DEEP Club" you are talking about has a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Taksim-DEEP-CLUB/273914319463065?sk=timeline
  2. Mapes

    Live sex shows

    Hello keki! Do you have any new information from Portland?
  3. Mapes

    Strip Clubs

    Are all these Toronto Strip Clubs still open? Airport Strip 7040 Torbram Rd, Mississauga 905-677-3798 Bliss Gentlemen's Lounge 1111 Finch Ave West, North York 416-665-4600 Brass Rail 701 Yonge St, Toronto 416-924-1241 Caddy's 2787 Eglinton Ave East, Scarborough 416-266-4600 Cafe Atlantis 5745 Atlantic Drive, Mississauga 905-670-6600 Club Paradise 1313 Bloor St West, Toronto 416-535-0723 Club Pro 170 Doughton, Vaughan 905-669-6422 Diamond's Cabaret 1820 Dundas St East, Mississauga 905-270-9985 Filmores 212 Dundas St East, Toronto 416-921-2191 For Your Eyes Only 563 King St West, Toronto 416-585-9200 House of Lancaster 689 The Queensway, Etobicoke 416-259-1601 House of Lancaster II 1215 Bloor St West, Toronto 416-534-2385 Kennedy's 6355 Kennedy Rd, Mississauga 905-565-3555 Klub Kave 2847 Lakeshore Boulevard West, Etobicoke 416-251-5283 The Landing Strip 191 Carlingview Drive, Etobicoke 416-675-7723 Midway Invader 6809 Invader Cres, Mississauga 905-565-8004 Million Dollar Restaurant 7222 Torbram Rd, Mississauga 905-673-2795 New Locomotion 2325 Matheson Blvd East. Mississauga 905-625-2542 Nine-0-Five Gentlemen's Lounge 947 Dillingham Rd, Pickering 905-334-7708 Pure Gold 2630 Royal Windsor Drive, Mississauga 905-822-1525 Taboo Gentleman's Club 532 Evans Avenue, Etobicoke 416-253-0808 Upper Brass 699 Yonge St, Toronto 416-934-0900 Whiskey A GoGo 544 Rivermede Rd, Vaughan 905-669-3956 Zanzibar Tavern 359 Yonge St, Toronto 416-977-4642
  4. Mapes

    General Reports

    Hey bro, How much you usually pay at the Krakow brothels? I miss Poland so much after you reminded me about these super cheap prices. Where else can you find prostitutes who will have sex for one hour for US $35 ? I never managed to find that cheap girls though, I have paid maybe US $45 per hour. Do you need to speak Polish to get those special deals and is it $US 35 in Krakow only or other cities too?
  5. Mapes

    Strip Club Reports

    Those sound like a fair strip joint prices. £5 for a beer is like 6.5€ and that is what beer costs in most European strip clubs or at least that! £20 for a private dance does not sound bad either. I am in Amsterdam now and private dances cost more than that in here. Are you allowed to touch your own penis and cum in a private show or is only watching allowed?
  6. Mapes

    Escorts and Prostitution

    Sounds like a fun trip brother. I was planning a similar trip because Turkish Airlines had a great flight deals to Indonesia. Yes there are women in both sides of Indonesia. If you manage to find a sexy girl from Kuta or nearby areas, then why not to take her for a holiday! Once you get bored on her, just pay her trip back and give some pocket money and she will be more than happy. Just be polite and dump her like a gentleman and not like a jerk.
  7. Mapes

    Ladyboy & Shemale Reports

    I can not say Manila is awful. It still beats many other Asian cities if you are a ladyboy lover. There are many sexy ladyboys in Manila, but yes it can not beat Cebu. In Cebu there are so may hot t-girls at Mango Square. If you like girls and ladyboys, then the best option in Cebu is to spend a night at J Ave´s night club, get a table with your friends and get hammered. If I remember correctly, think you need to pay around 1500 pesos and this will get you a table and 1500 pesos to the tab. Entrance fee is something like 100 pesos. There are so many sexy girls at the club and also some few good looking trannies. One of the most famous t-girls in Cebu goes to this club almost every weekend and she is super hot. After a night at J Ave, you can just pick up your favorite ladyboy at the outside of the club. There are usually around 10 ladyboys and they will come and offer you sex and you just negotiate and take one ladyboy to the Queensland love hotel and spend maybe 150 peso for taxi, 350 peso for a couple hour hotel room and maybe 1000-2000 peso to the ladyboy. That is what I call fun!
  8. Mapes

    General Reports

    Haha. Yes those dam brothers. Well I am protected about my family too. I dress well and I believe those Iranian girls really give me looks that send a message "You are hot or I would fuck you!" I know the difference between friendly eye contact and I am interested eye contact. Seriously, do you think foreigner would get hanged in Iran. I can not believe that, but I believe you could get whipped and that seems fair if you look the local culture. I am European guy, but now I am staying in South Africa.
  9. Mapes

    General Reports

    Why you are talking about Holland?
  10. Mapes

    General Reports

    Bro that sounds amazing, back home if I try to pick up Persian girls, I will always get in to a trouble because their brothers are so protective of them. But even in westernized countries I noticed that many Persian and Arab girls will often give me naughty eye contacts, even though they may be walking with their boyfriends or husbands. Iranian girls seem to be secretly very slutty. But wow, Iran and specially Tehran seems like a great mongering place with weird tactics. I really just want a hook up, for me most Iranian girls look pretty and this must be because they are exotic and different race, just like most black guys are willing to fuck fat white girls. I just have trouble understanding how in Iran girls can ask same $500 for night what would be all night escort price in Western Europe or USA? Is it because of the lack of working girls? What about just picking up a regular girl and secretly meeting her? Am I going to get beaten or thrown to jail if get caught?
  11. Mapes

    Kish Island

    I would also like to know more about prostitution in Iranian Kish Island!
  12. Mapes

    General Reports

    Hello friend, So if a white European tourist rents a nice looking sports car in Teheran and cruises around the town and to the Fereshte Street, he can really pick up some girls? So first of all, what should I do? Should I just park my car on the side of the road and wait for a whore to jump in? Or should I drive slow and try to make an eye contact with girls, like in most countries you do if you are picking up streetwalkers. I just want to be sure how things go in Iran. Also US$500 at Fereshte Street? Are you kidding me? I seen all these documentaries about prostitution in Iran and most street sex workers require payments like $US 10-30 for sex. How can the price be US$500 ? There must be an error, or does this 500 dollars give me unlimited sex for a week or what? Merci!
  13. Mapes

    General Reports

    Thanks for the reports bro!! I will stay away from that place. The biggest turn offs for me are girl with bad odour, masseus/prostitute watching TV or answering phone at the same time. Seriously how ignorant you have to be to watch TV at the same time or answering calls while you do your job. Seriously you ladies, think about the changing your job ! If anyone else has reports from Shenzhen, I would love to hear
  14. Mapes

    Red-light district

    Very safe I think. You can see some homeless and junkies, but they will usually leave you alone. Just make sure you negotiate what you want with the prostitutes before paying for them, so they do not ask more money for changing the sex position or something else. I think there is much less pickpocketing and scams in Frankfurt, what there is in Amstredam. Yes. You can get sex in Frankfurt on every single day of the year. There are sexy hookers working even on Christmas evening. There are always more girls in the evening and less at the daytime. I am not sure, but I assume there are less whores working on Christmas, but I could be wrong.
  15. Mapes

    ORTIGA: is a good place for monering? I look for info

    10 US dollars will make security guard smile in every poor Asian country and you should be fine bringing your whore to your room.