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  1. Xiao

    Russian girls in Bangkok

    Now the price in rajah hotel is 3200 bath for ST, but the service is better than most gogo girls.
  2. Xiao

    Breast Milk

    Sorry, mate. Their website is http://www.hollywoodpattaya.net If you like korean/chinese girls, worth a visit.
  3. Xiao

    General Reports

    I fell sorry for you. As a Chinese, I have to tell you, you should never trust escort agencies, they all use fake photos, and 1000yuan you can have a threesome and better service in most brothels. Unfortunately, I dont think shenzhen is a good place for mongering. You should go to huizhou, there are hundreds of brothels and sauna parlors. If you prefer white girls, there are some russian escorts working in shenzhen.
  4. Xiao

    Breast Milk

    In a Disco called hollywood, it's a very famous night club in pattaya, many hot girls. The price is cheaper than most gogo bars. LT is 3500-5000 THB. Unfortunately,I didn't see many white people there, it's full of korean.
  5. Xiao

    Breast Milk

    It's very popular in China, because traditional chinese medicine believe that human milk can cure some disease. I once met a MILF in hollywood disco, she can lactate.
  6. Xiao

    Go Go Bars and Girlie Bars

    Pattaya sucks, a whore who works in sensation a gogo has stolen my wallet.
  7. Xiao

    General Reports

    Of course, my firend. If you can read Chinese, you can check this page http://www.qianhua.net It's a public forum about Shanghai sex guide. If you can hardly understand Chinese, This page can provide you some useful information. http://www.shanghai-nightlife-guide.com/ But I should warn you first, the price on this website is ridiculous, I think 700yuan for HJ is a rip off.
  8. Xiao

    General Reports

    Dear friends, my name is Xiao. I'm a Wuhanese who lives here for over 25 years. To my knowledge,Wuhan has the most famous red-light districts in the central China, there are thousands of the brothels here, such as sauna clubs, massage clubs, barbershops,private clubs and KTV nightclubs. I do really think it's a good place for sex tourism. Unfortunately, prostitution is illegal in mainland China, if you are coming to Wuhan on holiday or business and would like to have some "fun", you may need a tourguide. I can lead you to the most cost-effective brothels, find the best hookers,escorts,models,college girls or actress(very expensive). even if you have fetishes, there are many footjob clubs,blowjob bars,BDSM clubs which can meet your needs.Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information.