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    Brothels and Girlie Bars

    1. where we can find good looking free lancers in Bali? name(s) of location(s), general timings and usual tips - thanks in advance!
  2. davidmar27

    Where to find Street Prostitutes

    Thanks for the info Mr. Asia. I think now my trip to Bali is taking shape slowly.
  3. davidmar27

    Currency in Bali

    i would like to 1. hire a bike 2. hire an escort to show me Ubud. Plus all items such as food, soft drinks etc I will foot the bill. To do this, how much we need to budget per day? Usually in Pattaya, if we ask the freelancers to escort us, they generally do not agree. But if we take them to hotel on LT (longtime) and discuss about tomorrow's plans, usually they agree on suitable payment terms. In Pattaya I paid a stunner USD 60/- per day and then food, drinks and travel extra. I could take photos with a powerful camera freely. Not sure all these things can be done in Bali. Any tips, suggestions, estimates or experiences???? thanks in advance for your detailed responses
  4. davidmar27

    Where to find Street Prostitutes

    Thanks Thanks Ibiza for your response. For me Bali is completely a new terratory to explore and am slowly learning different aspect and trying to connect the dots to plan my vacation. Just now came across a site that says they offere full adult escort service. Take a look at this: http://www.baliescorts.net/asia-adult-holidays-villa-naoko.html Not sure if this website (or similar websites) and the villas mentioned there are genuine and not sure previous customers are satisfied. Where we can get customer reviews of these hotels? Then what is the reasonable / cheap price that we can pay to girl/ freelancer to take me to Ubud? What about other expenses like? Of course we need to pay for everything as courtesy. For example, I take the pattaya girls to different places - meals, travel and entry tickets etc all are on me.
  5. davidmar27

    Currency in Bali

    Hi members can you guys answer these ? 1. where and how to exchange foreign currency? 2. are currency exchange kiosks available everywhere ? 3. any recommendations on where to change for better price ? like bank is better or roadside kiosk is better ? 4. which USD bills get better rate ? in Thailand USD 100bills get better rate. 5. how about hotels and restaurants ? do they accept credit cards ? any additional charge ? 6. if we use local ATM with foreign debit cards will there be any extra service change ? any other tip will be appreciate.
  6. davidmar27

    Where to find Street Prostitutes

    Hi Mapes, Thanks for your response. How you compare mongering of Pattaya vs Bali? I know there are a few sites comparing. But I count on first hand experiences. Comparison in terms of expenses, experience with girls etc. I have been a regular visiter to Pattaya and have no problems in picking a lady anytime - day or night. Then, is it a good idea to ask the lady in Bali to take me to Ubud? would they be interested in showing the places to people?
  7. davidmar27

    Where to find Street Prostitutes

    Hi I am newbie to Bali scene. would like to visit next year May. My questions: 1. How about the weather in Bali duirng the month of May? is it too much rainy or hot? 2. May month - is it low season or peak season in Bali? 3. How safe it is to bring street girls (freelancers)? is it same like Pattaya or Bangkok? I do not drink and generally stay vigilant, never had any bad experience with any freelancer in Thailand. 4. There is a place known as 'Ubud' near Bali (?). Is it possible to travel to Ubud and come back same day? Is it true that nightlife scene is better in Ubud?? Thanks in advance for your responses,