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    Sex and Prostitution Reports

    Oh, and pricing...not exactly sure. I suggested 5,000 shilling (equivalent to $50) and it got accepted without question every time. To put it in perspective, some of the local girls in Diani Beach have come from Mombasa to cut their travel time. They rent a small room off the beach for 2,000 shilling a month ($20). One told me she came from Nairobi for work and that her rent in Nairobi was "very high" at 5,000 shilling / month. If you are really tight, you might suggest less, possiblly a lot less. If you are from a western economy and in Diani Beach on vacation paying $50 for an hour is a bargain, and you might consider that the girls need the money more than you do. Most of the girls I met were in their mid-20's...very beautiful.
  2. bob232289

    Sex and Prostitution Reports

    Can't speak to Mombasa itself, but Diana Beach has a lively scene. There are several places you can try. Bidi Badu Bar is a good place to start. Tinder seems pretty active with ladies willing to meet. The Tandoori Bar and Manyatta Bar are open 24/7 so are good places to suggest meeting someone. Others may be just as good. There is a place behind Tandoori Bar that rents rooms for 1,000 shilling, for one hour so there is always that if you need a place. The local working women know this place.