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  1. NewYorkSexMachine

    Street Prostitution

    Some people have fetishes, example skanky looking street prostitutes or getting dominated. I personally know many wealthy men who always seek for cheap dirty street whores because they just have a fetish.
  2. NewYorkSexMachine

    Bringing Girls to your Hotel

    What do you call a lie or BS? I am sure many Ukrainian hotels are in trouble now because of the war, but I am pretty sure some hotels will still give you a trouble but yes, thing should be solved with $20.
  3. NewYorkSexMachine

    Erotic Massage Parlors

    Do the girls massage naked and is hand-job always included in the price? How much one hour massage and hand-job would cost? I see in the website it says 50 euros for 1 hour erotic massage, does this include a handjob or do I need to pay more for a happy ending?
  4. NewYorkSexMachine

    General Reports

    Man. Where else you been mongering? Are most working girls local in Poland or Eastern European?
  5. NewYorkSexMachine

    General Reports

    Are most prostitutes in Belfast from Bulgaria and Romania or are there some local whores?
  6. NewYorkSexMachine

    Street Prostitution

    Forgive me man! That 50 leva price sounds like the price of sex in Bulgarian streets or UG brothels. I can never remember the currencies, But I remember during that time the price was 25 euro when converted from 50 Bulgarian leva. So what do you usually pay in Romania? I have a fetish on streetwalkers and I would love to fuck some in Romania.
  7. NewYorkSexMachine


    If I look this picture I think Ghent´s red light district is very beautiful! It is definitely the most beautiful red light district in Belgium and maybe the most beautiful in the world! Even better, if it is next to the church, you can go and wash your sins away after!
  8. NewYorkSexMachine

    Thai Boxers for Hire?

    Ok. You guys are no getting crazy! Seriously. You will need to go to the emergency room if a thai boxer kicks you on your nuts and you do not have any protective cup on. Even with the protection cup it can be extremely dangerous. I am sure you can find some kind of action like this in Thailand. But I can not recommend you to experience this!!!
  9. NewYorkSexMachine

    Street Prostitute Reports

    I understand this concept well what you guys are talking about, because I have been travelling around North African and middle-east a lot. I have also noticed it is possible to get in bed with older women in Muslim countries. I have slept with many ladies in Tunisia and once also in Morocco also for free. You just can not date her very openly, but if she will come to your room, it is 99,8% you will get sex, unlike in Europe or USA some girls just want to chat inside your place.
  10. NewYorkSexMachine

    Sex & Prostitution

    100 Moroccoan Dirhams is 9€ or US$12. so 300-500 dirhams not too bad. But I agree, it is safer to rent a apartment from many locals or many websites and specially the type of apartment, where many people come and go so you do not get hassled! This is good option wether you like boys or girls.
  11. NewYorkSexMachine

    Prostitution and Escorts

    Is prostitution scene some how different from other Cities in Indonesia ?
  12. NewYorkSexMachine

    Where to find Street Prostitutes

    how much these street girls Cost ?
  13. NewYorkSexMachine

    Ladyboy & Transexual Escorts

    how much ladyboys in Bali cost?
  14. NewYorkSexMachine

    Erotic Massage Parlours

    That sounds like a fair price. Maybe i have to travel to Bali and get a happy ending massage.
  15. NewYorkSexMachine

    General Reports

    How much whores in Ipoh cost?