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    Experience in Bangkok

    Hey! I would like to share my experience in Bangkok., 2 weeks ago i was in Bangkok for business trip. Before my flight back to my country I was looking for fun and experience, since I was exhausted i decided looking for a mixture of good massage and sex. I searched in forums and websites about sensual massage. I went across different sites and was able to find one that really made me feel interested about a girl. She looks fine and had amazing body. I found http://khunrose-escort.com and asked for a girl that can offer both sex and massage. I chose one that catch my attention, tho the staff recommend me another girl that is good with both, so i just said yes, since all that matters is I get a good experience. I felt bad at first of not getting the girl I requested but, at some point i realize getting a recommendation would mean I would get better service and achieve my expectations regarding my request. So yes, I booked for the girl they recommend and made an appointment. I was surprised how the girl immediately came right in my hotel room and she was more attractive than what I saw in her profile picture. So here's the catch, she headed straight to shower and after she did a great massage, we became intimate. She was so great in massage that I fully got refreshed from a long day. I would love to see her again and recommend Khun Rose for their quality customers service. For that, i would give them a thousand thumbs up. If you are looking for one, don't just search and select or you'll just waste your money and time. I had various experiences in booking escort service and this is one of the best service I got from Bangkok, since I travel a lot. Regards, John