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  1. daddyfucks

    Arba Minch (Ethiopia)? Nothing?...

    Dude, Seems like you travel a lot. Please tell us your Africa tour stories! I would love to hear some!
  2. daddyfucks

    Cali or Bogota: some questions

    My dad is 61 and he was with me in Colombia tour. He had plenty of hot girls in their 20s and 30s. How ever the 20 years old were not that good for her. She said the ones who were 30, were much more respectful and warm. You do not need to give them the money in cash. My dad just took them to dinners, bought them some clothes etc...I think the total she spent on the girls was something like few hundred dollars a week. Only thing he told me was, he went to eat better dinner places with the girl than where he normally would go. But normally he eats at the street vendors and cooks himself. He is super cheap when it comes to spending money on himself.
  3. daddyfucks

    Angola: I look for some info please