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    Soi Cowboy

    What time they close the gogo bars on weekends?
  2. gunnar

    Girl friendly hotels

    Hi, the wikisexguide says that: "The major 5 star hotels don't allow bring guests to room." Is it true that I cannot take a girl to any 4- to 5-star hotel on my business trip? Or do I really have to go to one of those sleazy short-time hotels?
  3. gunnar


    There are tons of ladyboys near Bangla Road! If you like them to be cut, you should test them first before taking to the hotel.
  4. gunnar

    Street Prostitution in Helsinki

    Especially thu-sat nights you can spot them hanging around in the beginning of Kaleva's street in city centre. They cost normally about 80-100 euros for a quickie..