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  1. strip club


    Article google translated about Bodensee Bordell, located in Flugplatzstraße 9, Friedrichshafen Bodensee-Off for brothel in Friedrichshafen - "Red House" needs to close Friedrichshafen - After a final decision of the Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart the Bodensee-brothel is no later than 31 May be closed in 2015. The building will use after the transmission manufacturer ZF. No later than 31 May 2015 there will be in the "red house" at the Flugplatzstraße not had sex in exchange for money. In force the decision in a tenancy dispute between the owner of the building in which the Bodensee-brothel is, and the current operator of the brothel. , the Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart has confirmed with a comparison basically a judgment of the District Court of Ravensburg. The Ravensburger board saw a short rental period as a given. The existing lease now expires on 31 , 2015. Then there will be in this building no more business with the commercial sex. According to our information, the transmission manufacturer ZF AG is interested in buying the property, in which so far is the Bodensee-brothel. The Group also plans to buy the building behind it. But here he bit far on granite. By 2018, the license agreement, the Michael Hetzel has for his Venus Sauna Club is running. And when it comes after him, he also wants to run his brothel beyond, as he assured in an interview with the SÜDKURIER.