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Found 1 result

  1. michaelK

    Strip Clubs

    I found this from asiaone.com. Is there any good strip clubs you guys would recommend in Kuala Lumpur? KL strip club is favourite of S'porean visitors A Malaysian nightclub featuring strippers as its main entertainment draw is a favourite among Singaporean guests. The Shin Min Daily News report said that this nightclub is located in the Bangsar shopping district of Kuala Lumpur. Young women, believed to be Thai and Filipino nationals in their 20s, act as the club's crowd magnet. Their high energy song and dance act, which involves them removing their clothes until they are topless, is often 'topped up' with the dancers striking suggestive poses. The dancers will even touch their breasts and move suggestively to bring the crowd to a new high, Shin Min reported. Some would even allow the clubbers to touch their chests. The Chinese evening daily said that some dancers would only remove their tops, and leave their jeans or bikinis on. Others, however, will go all the way and strip naked. The nightclub is said to be a favourite amongst Singaporeans visiting the area, according to Shin Min. Bangsar is a popular shopping and clubbing district in Kualar Lumpur However, this club is not the first - according to Shin Min, another similar nightclub was recently raided and shut down by the Malaysian police. Shin Min reported that the previous nightclub too, featured strippers, and became immensely popular within a month of its opening. However, the club was raided and closed after a three-night surveillance and raid by the police. Seven women were arrested in the raid, all were foreign nationals from Thailand and the Philippines who worked as strip dancers. The club's owners were found guilty of illegally hiring these women.