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Found 1 result

  1. Here's how to overcome web search challenge of escort girls in Almaty. 3 signs of a fake site Ok, first things first. There are true and fake websites containing online listings of local escort. How do you know the difference between them? The first distinction is a mobile prefix (MP) in contact phone number. MP is those three digits coming after +7 (which is international calling code for Kazakhstan and some other countries). For instance, in my +77077185593 number, MP is 707. There are 15 MPs today in Kazakhstan and they all start with 7 – these are 700, 701, 702, 705, 707, 708, 747, 762, 763, 764, 771, 775, 776, 777, and 778. Thus, if you see any other MP in a site’s (girl’s) contact section, the site is fake. The second distinction – there must be at least 70% Kazakh or asian-looking girls at a site. Otherwise, the site is fake. The third distinction is too many glossy model-looking pictures on a fancy background. Such site is definitely fake. Every escort girl in Almaty knows she has a lesser chance of being called if she places glossy pictures of her instead of raw ones, unphotoshopped. Polished photos are suspicious. They mean the owner has something to hide (cellulitis, varicose veins, saggy tits, skin flaws, scars, overweight, aging), or photos are not the owner’s. Moreover, it takes THE effort to find a 175cm beauty in escort – they are rare. Overpricing I’m sure I’m done with distinctions – there are three major of them. But then comes overpricing. I want you to write it down - today’s average hourly rate is USD 80 (KZT 25,000) if we talk about beautiful 22-25 y.o. ladies. A girl must at least have something out of ordinary to quote you even 120 bucks. By this I mean anal, or virgin-like 18 y.o. look, or XL-size boobs, or 175+ cm height, or some special services. But, of course, such rates are for local visitors. For a foreigner you may expect 50% rise, though a girl might agree to 40% or even 30% if you negotiate. Anyway, even 50%, I believe, is pretty common overpricing, and if you like the girl - take the deal. Eventually, you should end up with pretty faced 23 y.o., 165 cm, 55 kg girl with M-size firm breast, who does vaginal and condom oral sex. And it would cost you not more than USD 120. Higher price with no reasoning should be considered as financial assault towards your wallet. Whether you see looks and bucks don’t match, look for my 'Escort in Almaty - Why You Can't Make It Alone' blog – I will find you a better girl, with more services, for lesser rates and lesser or no overpricing. True, real escort websites Well, back to websites. Fake sites are fucking you. Using them you either end up with an ugly, saggy boobs, old hooker, or get heavily overpriced, or both. Fake sites eat up your money redirecting calls to sweet-voiced call center girls in Russia or Ukraine – you pay these voices which have no relation to beauty of local escort. Such sites waste your time, substituting phony lustrous photos with 30 dollar hookers. They’re assaulting your money, treating you like a moneybags dupe. So fuck them, search for true sites. True sites, on the other hand, would still be a place of challenge to find a local beauty, but it becomes easier. Here you would still encounter faked photos, and little overpricing (while there's no guarantee a girl quotes you more when she hears your voice). Let’s start with what real sites have in common: They are in Russian (sorry, best sites are for locals, we’re not a tourism oriented country yet) By the way, in case you didn't know, Russian language is used more than Kazakh since almost everybody understands and speaks Russian - it's the legacy of the Soviet Union; They have more than 10 pages of girls' listings; They’re Kazakhstan-wide site, comprising escorts of large cities; They have reviews, comments on girls written by visitors; Girls' average hourly rate is KZT 25,000 on such sites; They don’t have 3 signs of a fake site (see top of the post). Escort pictures challenge On true sites you’re about to find hundreds of girls, up to two thousand approximately. Girls’ photos would be the first thing to catch your eye. It’s safe to say that 95% would be faceless (or blur, incomplete, fake faced) and that’s normal for local escort. The root of it lies in very conservative upbringing of local girls. A girl revealed to be a prostitute would be badly ashamed. She may even be rejected by her parents, relatives, and friends – such leak could break her life and future marriage. Facing such risk rare girl would have courage to show her face on an escort site. That’s why you shouldn’t expect too much pictures with faces. Moreover, professional photoshoot pics, ALL (I mean 100% of pictures in portfolio) with face and naked, should get you very suspicious. Local girls tend to take their face photos with a smartphone camera (often selfies) and place them at the end of portfolio. These pictures are usually taken separate from a naked body – on them a girl is taken with her clothes on. Girls do this way for if unveiled, they could explain a photo to be stolen from, say, a social network, and thus to have no relation to naked body pictures on an escort site. Pay attention to photos’ background. There should be nothing fancy: no expensive furniture, no fretwork, no Cote d’Azure views, otherwise it would mean photos are fake. Young prosts generally don’t work in their own apartments, they rent. And since most of the girls are students, they can’t afford to rent a luxurious condo, instead they choose small, clean houseroom with standard furnishing and no daintiness. Often they share it with a fellow worker. So, expect a girl to do amateur photoshoot within her unpretentious apartment - nothing fancy. A girl should have not less than 3 pictures of her. On them you should be able to see her body, belly, ass, and legs. If you don't see some of these naked, there's a huge chance a girl wants to hide (I say it again) cellulitis, varicose veins, skin flaws, scars, overweight, aging - you name it. Also, keep in mind, a girl wearing bra in a faceless photo should raise doubts. This fact could mean 4 things: saggy boobs, XS-size boobs, shyness, and distinctive features on tits (birthmarks, moles, etc.). The first two are very likely, but you can exclude second – check breast size info on girl’s page - if it’s 0.5 or 1-size (XS or S-size in US), then the girl just wants to visually add volume with bra. I hope you can excuse our perfectionism prone girls for such cute trick. Shyness is the thing I can’t understand in a faceless photo – why wear bra if nobody recognizes your face? But, regardless of my understanding, one can come across such a shy girl on a rare occasion. Distinctive features are rare and excusable as well, but forming saggy breast with a bra is cheating, which happens too often. So be aware of shabbies hiding in bras! Now back to those 5% of pictures with true face. Here's how to differentiate them from fake faces: If you see only (100%) professional photoshoot (with no amateur pictures), the photos (and face as well) are extremely likely to be fake; If you see a girl showing face and genitalia all open on the same picture, the photos are extremely likely to be fake. If you see fancy background on pictures, they are extremely likely to be fake. To sum up, find a true site, find a girl with true photos. Now you know which girls worth your time: they use little or no professional photoshoot; they don't take pictures on fancy background; they have most or all amateur photos; they show their tits, belly, body, legs and ass naked; their pictures are little or unphotoshopped; the show 3 or more pictures in their portfolio. I, meanwhile, work on the next post, where I'm gonna show how to overcome meeting challenge.