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Found 1 result

  1. butterflyspa

    hongkong best massage

    Butterfly Spa TST: Butterfly Spa Date & Time of Session: 10th Sept, 2016 7pm Location: Flat A. 8/F 19-21 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Name: Tiffany/ Yan Yan Nationality & Language: Good English, some Cantonese & fluent Mandarin Age: late 20's/early 30's Face: 3.5/5 Body: 4 Skill: 5/5 Service: 5/5 Price & Session Length: 90 minutes $365 + tips Repeat: Hell yeah if i have time before she goes Been busy with work and been in need of some relief, was in Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday evening and had some time to kill before meeting friends later for drinks, and figured why not let off some steam, so dropped a quick wechat to the buxom beauty that is Coco who runs Butterfly Spa in TST She quickly responded, chastising me for not coming by more often, and telling me she wasn't there that evening, but she could recomend Tiffany, telling me she's a really good masseuse, great service, big boobs and speaks English, i respond and we confirm a time and i head on down to Cameron Road, the entrance is next to a money changer, and the building seems to be getting some renovation. Its a titchy little wardrobe style lift which is about the only thing i don't like Stepped out on the 8th floor, and the door was opened by a very attractive very buxom girl in a very nice dress that compliments her assets. She welcomes me in and introduces herself as Tiffany and confirms who I am, and that she's the girl i am here to see. She shows me to one of the rooms Butterfly is nicely laid out, about 5 rooms, good sized reception area and the rooms are all clean and i was happy to see that the room i was getting the big room with the big bathroom. Tiffany stepped out to get me some water, and i began to get undressed, and was hanging up my clothes when she knocks and re-enters, and compliments me on my size (i'm a big lad, sadly all over so it wasn't directed solely at junior!) She's chatting away in good english and telling me that Coco has told her that she must take very good care of me (which is always good to hear!) She helps me to hang up my clothes, and then asks me very sweetly if I would like her to take a shower with me, I confirm and she smiles, dims the light slightly and strips down to reveal a solid body (she's not a slender reed, but she isn't fat just solid) and leads me into the shower, where she goes to work and gives me a hell of a thorough wash and brush up in the shower, gave me the treatment some of the Macau saunas give, where she soaped herself up and used herself as a sponge and washcloth, soaping me up, and giving me a serious rub down and subtle massage in the shower, making sure the water isn't too hot for me and generally treating me like the boss. She's very playful and eager to please, and there's some quick kisses in the shower and gentle exploration of eachothers bodies, but i will admit i was enjoying the pampering that i was happy to let her wash me up first. She finishes the shower, and steps out and helps me out, and dries me off properly before drying herself down. I lay down and let her go to work, and she knows her massage technique, for the enxt 45 minutes or so i got one hell of a massage, from light touching to her working out where i was most tired and in need of massage, to increasingly strong kneading (she asks if the pressure, power is ok and she has some strength!), she works all the knots and kinks out of my body (but not my mind!), including lots of teasing in the process but incorporating it into the massage as opposed to the way some girls seem to stop massaging, then tease, then go back to the massage, she really knows her massage. We're chatting as we go, she's from Hunan and happy to talk and her English isn't perfect but its very good and easy to communicate with her. She doesn't really seem to speak much Cantonese and kept asking me if i could speak Mandarin.... She eventually rolled me over onto my back, and the real fun began, as i got to explore her body to full effect, she's got a very good body, stocky and strong, great set of breasts, very responsive nipples and a very lovely little sister which she was happy to let me gently explore the outside of, she politely asked me if it was ok to just touch the outside. Not a problem and she is very responsive and quite easily lubricated just through massage of her outer lips. She's very kissy kissy, even if her kissing technique is a little off, a few times she seemed to be trying to suck my tonsils out! But she's very fun, and slowly working junior as we go. And eventually she asks me to lay back and really goes to work, and she knows how to work a joystick and a pair of balls, she brings me to the edge several times, letting me come to the edge before calming me down and continuing the enjoyment, until eventually she lays back down beside me and while i feast on her bosom she works me to a climax. We both get our breath back, she politely asks me if I am ok, yes i tell her I am very happy, then gets up to get some tissues, to clean me off first before cleaning herself up. She also asks if its ok if she can just jump into the shower and freshen up. I lay back and relaxed while she showered, and then she rejoined me and gave me a very nice head massage chatting away until time was up. She then helped me shower again, just as playful and attentive as before, and helped me dress, i paid her the spa fee and a much deserved tip. She escorted me to the door, and waited with me till the lift came, chatting away just as warmly and friendly as ever. The lift came i stepped in, she blew me a kiss and as the doors closed i reflected on a job well done, and that perhaps i do need to explore the TST Spa's again and sample some of the Butterfly girls more often! Butterfly is a very good spa, had some very enjoyable experiences there and would highly recomend! Tiffany also gets the thumbs up, and i will try and get back to see her again before she leaves for a while....