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Escorts and Prostitution

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Palermo Parks could be called a red light district of Buenos Aires.

At night time there are lots of transvestite and transexual prostitutes working in Palremo Parks.

Trans-girls used to work in another area in the Palermo district, but the government decided not to let prostitutes be anywhere near schools or residential zones so now t-girls are occupying the Buenos Aires Red Light Area. So you have to pick carefully if you want a female prostitute.

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Guest chica escorts buenos aires

Interesting article tells you about love hotels in Buenos Aires.



Buenos Aires Sex Hotels Revealed. Its Telo Time!




Source gringoinbuenosaires.com March 17, 2010
it’s possible to divide the countries of the world into two categories: those that have pay-by-the-hour hotels, and those that don’t. It’s not a big concept in Australia or the United States, for example. But in Japan, they’re ubiquitous. In Mexico and Guatemala, it’s the same. And in Argentina too, they abound: there are 150+ pay-by-the-hour hotels in the Capital Federal district alone.
All about telos
The Argentine variety of pay-by-the-hour hotels are known as telos. The name is lunfardo (that is, Rio Platenese argot) for ‘hotel’: in lunfardo, the order of the syllables in words is often reversed, and of course the ‘h’ is silent in Spanish.
In case you were in any doubt, telos in Buenos Aires are unambiguously places to go for sex. Private, anonymous, discreet and open 24/7, they feature such things as their own branded condoms, porn on the TVs and strategically situated mirrors. Room service is usually very comprehensive, and in most telos there’s a hole in the wall with an airlock system so that you’re not disturbed when the champagne arrives.
Not all telos are so well-appointed though – at the lower end they can be pretty nasty/tacky, but you get what you pay for. Move up the chain and they’re very clean and pleasant, and some even have stuff like Jacuzzis, costumes for role-playing, cameras for recording your exploits, themed rooms and so on.
So why do they exist?
It’s not difficult to work out why there are so many telos in Buenos Aires. Couples need ‘alone time’ now and again (…for sex), and when it’s culturally the norm to live with your parents until you’re 28 and/or married, for young people at least it’s pretty hard to get that alone time where you live.
Of course telos aren’t just for young people though. Do they also fuel a culture of infidelity among the older set? Who knows, but let’s just say they’re probably an enabler! Apparently there’s a big difference between the people who visit telos at night (mostly young couples) and those who visit during the day and particularly at lunchtime (older married people who are having an affair with a workmate).
Be that as it may, telos are a fact of Porteño life, and if you go to one you’ll certainly have an interesting story for the folks back home!

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Well, maybe some folks are colour-blind, but for the rest of us, its hard to ignore how absolutely white people in Buenos Aires are. If you live there, you find you have to watch the TV to see black people.


Prostitution is almost legal in Buenos Aires. So are stip bars and cabarets. If you want to go out in B.A you can find the most glamour strip bars with the most beautiful girls you’ever seen. I mean the strip bar industry is doing it right here. One thing you can do in strip bars in Buenos Aires and you ca not do in USA is have sex with these girls, but get ready to pay a lot of money! One the other hand you have the cheap red light districts! Constitution is one of them. Walking there you can find girls, men, ladyboys and so on, in every corner! Cheap and quick sex for those who want it!


Another interesting thing in Buenos Aires is the Telos. These places are hotels for people who want to “spend” a couple of hours with somebody in a privacy and most of the times have sex. There are mirrors on the ceiling, Jacuzzi and maybe porn on televison! Telos are one of the biggest businesses in Buenos Aires. Wether you are married or not, with a girlfriend or not, every day at lunch time these telos hotels are full of people that enjoying different partners instead of having lunch with colleagues! It is pretty easy to find one cause there are telos everywhere and they look colorful and kitch! You can find different telos for different budgets! From 18 USD up to 100 USD per one hour!


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Guest Red Sox

I can not wait to use these Telos fuck rooms. I am going to fuck so many local chicks and whores also. Here I come Buenos Aires!

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