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You can tell the brothel scene is changing when Yab Yum, Amsterdam’s most notorious brothel, is shut down by the city. To rub salt into the public wound, fashion designers have moved into the Red Light District, replacing naked gyrating women with rigid plastic mannequins. In compliance with a court order, Yab Yum closed its doors in 2007.

Increasingly, the sex industry is moving underground and finding new online homes where sexual encounters are pre-arranged. Despite this trend, many parts of the world still have Red Light Districts where brothels abound. While our rankings in no way endorse these brothels, we have evaluated some of the more upscale bordellos where discretion and mood will play central roles on your hunt for sexual congress. For those with an appetite for the exotic, the erotic or the simply erogenous, we give you the world’s top 10 brothels. Source uk.askmen.com

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Guest KFC

Here is another good article I founded from amsterdamlogue.com:


How to find the private house brothels in Amsterdam


There are many of these places throughout Amsterdam, and some are far more famous than others. Only one of the better known private house brothels is actually in the Red Light District, and it’s really more of a Thai massage place with extra services available.


Here are some of the better ones that people often recommend:

Amsterdam Prive


This private house is near the far end of Vondelpark and is considered one of the classier brothels in Amsterdam. They have a pretty good website if you can read Dutch (or use a translator), which even has photos of the place and some of the girls (no faces though).

Overtoom 443
Phone: 020-618-9110
Hours: 10am to 1am Sundays through Wednesdays, and until 2am Thursdays through Saturdays
“Happy hour” from 8pm to 10pm on Wednesdays
Official Amsterdam Prive website



Asmara is about one kilometer out of the city center, and not near anything you’ve ever heard of. It’s probably best to take a taxi here or tram 12, 13, or 14, which will take you to 100 meters of the door. Their helpful website says they have 31 girls on staff, and includes sexy photos of some of them. Prices at this one start at €130, but that includes everything, even drinks.

Willem De Zwijgerlaan 70
Phone: 020-618-4069
Hours: 10am to midnight every day
Official Asmara website


Club Bianca

This brothel is in a residential neighborhood south of the far end of Vondelpark, so you are best off taking a taxi or a tram to get here. They don’t have a website, and previous clients generally give the place good reviews.

Amstelveenseweg 145
Phone: 020-662-4280


Jan Bik
Buitenwieringenstraat 3-5
1013 GH Amsterdam

Tel. 020-6222785
Open noon to 6am every day
Official Jan Bik site


Jan Bik is also listed on the Amsterdam sex clubs page because they offer duel service at their location not far from Centraal Station. There is a public bar area here where customers can mingle with each other, and the available girls, while deciding on a partner, but there is also the option of going to a private room where the girls will come through one at a time introducing themselves, exactly as in the other private-house brothels. A 30-minute session goes for €50 and a 60-minute session goes for €75, so this is the cheapest of the sex clubs, and among the cheapest of the brothels as well. Their own website even admits that you “won’t find Playboy models here” but they also promise a full hour of pleasant sex with nice ladies that provide GFE (girlfriend experience), which is something you won’t get in the Red Light District for anywhere near that price. Jan Bik also does not pay those extortionist taxi commissions that most sex clubs do, so if you try to come here in a cab the driver will probably tell you it’s terrible, or closed, or burned down or something. Fortunately, it’s walking distance from most parts of the city center (see the map below), or you can come in a tram, or just insist to a cab driver to take you here in spite of their protests.


Love Club 21

This place is considered quite plain and basic compared to some of the other private house brothels, but it’s in the Red Light District so it does okay. This is more of a Thai massage place that guarantees a happy ending for an additional fee. All of the girls here are Thai or something very close, so if that’s your thing this is a good option. Their website doesn’t have photos, but it does actually have a price list.

Koestraat 21
Phone: 020-620-5307
Hours: 2pm to 2am every day
Official Love Club 21 website


Park 118

Park 118 is not far past the Heineken Brewery and the Albert Cuyp It is actually part of a small brothel chain that is well regarded in the Netherlands, at least by many past clients. It’s supposedly quite nice and relaxed inside, and a few photos on their website confirm that, although the site is in Dutch and even when you translate it there isn’t much information.

Sarphatipark 118
Hours: 10am to 1am except Sunday when they open at noon
Official Park 118 website

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Guest MMA Reza

Jan Biik is very good brothel and I can recommend it if you get bored hanging out in the RLD. Service is always good and girls look nice. Price is not bad either.

Does Jan Biik brothel still exists?

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Guest xxx ww

I just do not get it why people go to brothels in Amsterdam if there is more than enough girls in red light district?

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Guest brothel price in Amsterdam

I just do not get it why people go to brothels in Amsterdam if there is more than enough girls in red light district?

Good question man! Answer is this. Buying sex in the red light district is like buying sandwich from McDonalds and buying sex from a brothel is like going to a nice restaurant, taking your time to eat in a nice place. You get my point?


Also in the Amsterdam Red light district you pay 50€/15minutes, but in a brothel the minimum time is usually 1 hour and it costs usually around 250-350€. So basically hourly price is not much more in a brothel, because in the red light district, hour would cost 200€.


In Amsterdam brothels girls usually are not clock watchers and allow you to take your time and fuck them well, they can also massage or just cuddle with you. Amsterdam red light area prostitutes just want you quick in an quick out, they will even tell you to hurry when you dress up your clothes. 

If you like Thai girls, then my recommendation is Love Club 21. This brothel offers only Thai girls and the best looking. Prices are affordable, and you do not even have to have sex if you choose not to. They give very good full body massages and sex or even just the massages if you choose too. Location is Koestraat 21, 1012 BW Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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