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  1. Goodguy1

    Istanbul Asia

    Are there similar red light district in Asian side of the Istanbul as there is in European side on Kadem and Zurafa streets? If there is, then are the sex prices about the same like 30-70 liras?
  2. Goodguy1

    Swingers Club in Amsterdam

    Sameplace is worth of visit if you are bi-curious or interested on trannies. I went there one day and there was one couple and a bartender who seemed like a transvestite, but I was afraid to ask because I did not want to be rude. This was maybe back in 2009. Couple that was there did make out and guy rubbed the girls tits over her clothes, but did not go to the further action. Bartender told me there was a dungeon downstairs. I had one soft drink and it only did cost few euros if I remember correctly. I was there pretty early, maybe around 10pm, so maybe this was the reason why it was so quiet. I heard they have more night for gays, transvestites and bi-guys, than what they have for straights and couples.
  3. Goodguy1

    Shemale / Transexual Reports

    The new t-girls windows were closed during the day. I am talking about windows that are on your right hand side if you look across the river from the Casa Rosso. I am not sure if there are trannies in evening, but I was in Amsterdam a while ago during the day time and these windows seemed like completely closed. I spent few hours from 11am until 2pm and there were about 4 trannies working that time on Bloedstraat and that side street. All offers I got were 50 euro for suck and fuck, but couple of trannies dropped their prices to 40€.
  4. Goodguy1

    Casa Rosso

    What do you guys think about the Pink Elephant Club called Casa Rosso in Amsterdam? I have walked pass it many times but never visited. I am going again back to Amsterdam with my friends and I was wondering if I should take them there? So is the show worth of money? In Paris I went to the Moulin Rouge and paid over 100€ and still was satisfied, but I guess Casa Rosso is more like a porn or hardcore sex show?
  5. Goodguy1

    Escorts and Prostitution

    Around 15 US. This is the price of "quickie". Meaning about 20 minutes of sex.
  6. Goodguy1

    General Reports

    Laos has streetwalkers, massage girls and bar girls and usually the price is always the same around 25 USD. Prostitution is legal in Laos, but brothels are illegal. Most areas in Laos are much safer than in neighbour country Thailand and Laos people are much more honest, same thing applies to Laos prostitutes. Gay and ladyboy scene in Laos is not as big as in Thailand but it is still in there.
  7. Goodguy1

    Transexuals and Ladyboys

    Taman Lawang is one of the Red Light Districts in Jakarta and it is well known for sexy ladyboy and transexual prostitutes. Be careful when ever dealing with trans girls. They can try to steal your money or other valuables.
  8. Goodguy1

    Street Prostitution

    Street hookers in Jakarta can be easily found standing along streets near the Presidential Palace and the National Police Headquarters, or waiting for customers at bars inside lavish clubs and hotels. You can find prostitutes along Jalan Hayam Wuruk or also called the city area. Usually a hot spot area is large Mango street after and before the Dunkin Donut shop. You just slow the pace vehicle, and the prostitutes will soon approach you and negotiate. Price range for sex is Rp. 300k-400k. You should have your own condoms because usually girls condoms are bad.
  9. Goodguy1

    Freelancers and Bar Girls

    From Artium and plaza Indonesia you can find freelancers for 3-400k over night, you can still find freelancer in Jakarta bars and clubs but they ask for 5-700k for all night.
  10. Goodguy1

    Red Light Districts

    Greater Jakarta is a place where one can find a considerable potential for escort services and prostitution hotspots. Jakarta has a number of un-marketed red-light districts that are popular among the expat communities.
  11. Goodguy1

    Transvestites, Transexuals and Gays

    Are you looking for girls or transvestites? In Istanbul´s Aksaray area you can find street prostitutes after 11pm in the intersection of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasa Cd and Aksaray Cd. This is only couple minute walk from the Aksaray tram stop. Once you walk towards the area from the tram stop, you will pass by the street vendors who are selling fake clothing, counterfeit watches and other things at very low price. At this intersection area you can see sometimes 1-3 streetwalkers and asking price is usually couple hundred liras for sex, but price can be bargained down. But I need to warn you not to go to the Aksaray Brothel Clubs. These clubs are located on Ihtisap Agasi Sk. Seriously if you go to the any club at Ihtisap Agasi Sk you will get scammed and end up getting fucking huge bill! Do not go there! If you want to fuck cheap female hookers or transexuals prostitutes. Just head to the Istanbul red light district at zurafa sokak (street) Karakoy province. Close to the Taksim.
  12. Goodguy1

    Transexual and Shemale Escorts

    Couple good Buenos Aires sex videos about transexual prostitutes. You can see some sexy ladyboy hookers in these videos!
  13. Goodguy1

    Swingers Clubs

    There are many good swingers clubs in London and usually there are lots of people from various countries in London Swingers Clubs. You can also find London escorts, streetwalkers, body rubs, strippers & strip bars, ts & male escorts from WikiSexGuide: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/London