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I have been in Jun Jun clinic located on Albert St. They have very cheap massage only 60 dollars per hour or 80 dollars per 90 minutes. If you take a one hour massage, Mama San will right away ask if you want 90 minutes for 80 dollars. Just say now and most of the time she will give you a better deal example 2 hours for 80 dollars! That deal is unbeatable. Usually they will also advertise in the newspaper (leader post) and offer 20 minutes free! Location is central and there is two entrances: Albert street (nk paeking between 330-5pm i think) and back alley entrance with free parking! MamaSan is average looking but very nice lady in 50. Then there is a girl called Candy. Very sweet person who only works there usually after 3pm. She will give you a very good massage with some accidental touching. I have never heard anyone getting a hand job from her but she does not mind if you do it yourself - just ask politely and do not start just doing it!

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Guest sex boy

Jun Jun Clinic and Chris Spa in Regina give actually great massage and I have never heard that you would get happy ending from these parlors. Price is $70 per one hour in Chris Spa and $60 in Jun Jun Clinic. Older lady in Jun Jun Clinic gives very good massage and also acupuncture.

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Guest QueenCityRider

My recommendation for Asian massage parlour in Regina is that one place in the downtown across the Tim Horton´s on Broadway. I can not remember the name! Total costs for 1hr massage and HJ is always $100 and this price includes the tip. Usually I am allowed to finger their pussies also!

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Guest Guest

Asian massage parlors are now everywhere at Victoria Ave (Between Albert St and Park St). I think there are like 7 of them. Usually cost is $70 for one hour. Most offer extras and some places girls just do the happy ending and then expect a tip in the end (some are not happy for even $20 tip). At some other places you must negotiate during the massage for extras.


Go For Spa is very clean place and has some pretty girls, extras offered (217 Victoria Ave).


Joeys massage at 1235 B Albert St was my favourite back in the days. I am not sure if they still operate.

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Guest Erotic Massage in Regina

Also the media has noticed the Regina´s Booming Massage Parlor Industry! There are now many places offering sensual happy ending massage and absolutely I think this is a better solution than having people cruise around the streets and picking up SW´s.


Massage parlour business booming in Regina
From just 2 or 3 a decade ago to as many as 20 today
By Geoff Leo, CBC News Posted: Mar 24, 2014 CBC.CA

Regina police say massage parlours, where sex is often for sale, are rapidly multiplying and there's little they can do to slow down that growth.

"There's more and more opening up all the time," Detective Corporal Tim Filazek told CBC's iTeam. He said a decade ago "there [were] two or three or four. Now you're seeing 15 to 20."

Filazek added it's not difficult to understand why the sensual massage business is exploding here.

"With the economic boom come more jobs come more people, more disposable income. We're seeing more and more massage parlours open up."

And, he pointed out, because of a directive from the Crown prosecutor's office, "we're kind of limited of what we can do."

In December, the Supreme Court declared Canada's prostitution laws unconstitutional.

Filazek said that led Crown prosecutors in Saskatchewan to recommend police stop laying some prostitution related charges as there's little hope of a conviction.

Massage parlours offering sex for sale

Massage parlours can be found in houses or retail locations on many of Regina's major arteries, like Albert, Broad and Victoria.

A hidden camera investigation by CBC's iTeam confirmed that many massage parlours in Regina offer sexual services for cash.

Filazek says he has conducted his own undercover operation of several massage parlours "and the investigation led to me determining that sexual activity was taking place there."

Massage parlours are a well-known front for prostitution. Many are essentially brothels in disguise.

"These are really places of suspended disbelief," explains Benjamin Perrin, a UBC law professor who specializes in researching sex trafficking.

"We all drive by and say 'Well really? Is this a registered massage therapist at three in the morning with flashing neon lights?'  We all know that's not what's happening in there."

But Filazek's investigation found that at least some people have been taken by surprise.

"We had a person come up to us and say 'You know what? I had a sore back I went to a massage parlour and after the massage was done the lady offered me sexual services in exchange for money.'"

Canada's prostitution laws in legal limbo

Last December, the Supreme Court ruled Canada's prostitution laws unconstitutional.

Those laws will remain in force until December 2014, giving the federal government time to draft and adopt new legislation.

Despite that, the Regina Police Service says it's been told to stop laying some charges until a new law is in place.

"Some of the senior crown prosecutors have given the advice as to not lay these charges because they would not go very far in the court system." Filazek told CBC.

In an email, the Ministry of Justice confirms it has advised the province's police services to take a different direction. 

"Prosecutions’ focus for the foreseeable future will be on those procuring services from sex trade workers and not on the sex trade workers themselves."

Filazek points out that even prior to the Supreme Court's decision it was very difficult to convict someone of running a common bawdy house or living off the avails of prostitution.

Police would have to prove that sex was being sold at a massage parlour and that the owner of the business was getting a cut.

Police still monitor massage parlours

Filazek pointed out the vice unit is still actively monitoring massage parlours by making regular visits to determine who is working there.

"We're making sure that the staff at these massage parlours aren't underage. That they're not minors. That they're working on their own free will." Filazek explained.

"I think for the public it's better. They're not seeing the girls standing on the street corner. Kids walking home from school, they're not walking past street workers or clients driving by the street workers while little kids are out."And he says the growing number of massage parlours appears to have resulted in fewer women working the streets.


CBC iTeam investigation uncovers sex for sale
Hidden camera shows what goes on inside massage parlours
Using a hidden camera, CBC's iTeam visited massage parlours all over Regina — and what they found is that there are more than just backrubs for sale.
A member of the iTeam, David Fraser, visited addresses on Albert Street, Broad Street, Victoria Avenue, Rose Street and 11th Avenue.
He asked what services were available before leaving.
In six out of eight cases, offers for sexual services for payment were either made directly or implied.
CBC Saskatchewan's iTeam took a hidden camera inside a number of Regina's massage parlours. (CBC)
In most cases, he was greeted by Asian women with limited English-speaking ability.
One woman explained that a "hand job" would cost "a total of $85."
Several others said a full body massage would conclude with a "happy ending" — massage parlour code for an orgasm.
At most of the locations the women were reluctant to discuss details of the services offered.
There are more signs like this around Regina than there were a decade ago, Regina Police say. (CBC)
In one case, after offering a "happy ending," one woman explained: "I talk with you too much already. I will get in trouble, you know."
But at another location, the woman at the front counter freely offered more detail.
She indicated that she had 10 different women on offer who are "all different sizes, shapes and colours", from a "slender, somewhat busty and blond" woman to an "extremely busty brunette".
"Not fat, not skinny. An hour-glass figure," she said.
An increasingly common sight in Regina: neon signs advertising massage parlours. (CBC)
She explained the massage parlour is open every day with one exception. "The only day we ever close our doors is Christmas day."
"You can start from $100 being the bottom of the cookie jar not getting a lot." she explains. "They don't even get undressed for that."
But she explained "you still get a little something something. A little smile."
However "if you're looking for the whole shebang" the price starts at $200 for a half hour.

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Guest Hobbyist
  • Magic Hands Spa

306-209-8728 1602 12th Ave Regina, SK

1/2h $40, 1h $75 Mostly older Asian women. $50 for a hand job. $80 for blow job and full service $120-$150.


May (Mei?) there gave me a really good massage, I sucked her tits, and the she gave me an awesome covered blow job. The main thing was that I was super comfortable with her. Rates above seem accurate. She had great legs.

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Guest Rey

Sounds like you had fun! Was this "May or Mei" good looking or fat older lady? I can not stand any girl who is older than 40, so please let me know, so I know if I should check this place out. How much you ended up paying for CBJ?



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