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Mannheim is an important ICE junction in southern Germany, located between Stuttgart and Frankfurt. Mannheim is also situated on the major A5 and A6 motorways and is therefore an important transport hub.


The present-day Lupinenstrasse was formerly known as Gutemannstraße. In 1961, it was cordoned off and re-named as Lupinenstraße. It contains 18 houses used for sex services.

Word Lupa used to describe prostitutes in ancient Rome.


Location: Lupinenstrasse is the most westerly side street of the Mittelstrasse, north of the River Neckar.

From the central train station, you can reach Lupinenstrasse comfortably via taxi within a few minutes, or alternatively via bus or tram. There are parking spaces, a taxi rank as well as bus and tram stops.

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