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The current prostitution situation in Saarbrücken is a bit confusing.


By virtue of being very close to France, the town seems to be experiencing an influx of people from France, something that will presumably increase because of recent proposals in France.


For a while, the town has been planning to restrict activities in the Nauwieser Viertel, although existing activities would be allowed to stay, for the moment.

Street prostitution itself can be seen on the edge of the Viertel , opposite the Musikschule and near to the Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium. Reports say that the town wants to introduce 'Sperrbezirke' and concentrate activities on just 2 streets, without mentioning which two streets.


The situation has hit the news recently in particular because a huge brothel (of an area of 4500 m2) which is due to open in Burbach, operated by Paradise Island Entertainment GmbH..


There are indeed two whore houses directly opposite the Rathaus - Haus Nummer 8 and Nummer 10.



Brothels in Saarbrücken:


Arabella, Brebacher Landstrasse 6 - 8


Eroscenter Saarbrücken , Kaiserstrasse 50

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Guest france brothels
Europe’s biggest brothel: it will cost €4.5m and will boast 90 prostitutes


The German town of Saarbrücken was once renowned for its fine Moselle wines, first-class cuisine and an easy going un-Teutonic way  of life.


Yet the border city’s fame as a laid-back gourmet paradise is now fast being overtaken by a new and unsavoury reputation as Europe’s prostitution capital.


The reasons are self-explanatory: the city has 170,000 residents and a population of over 1,000 call girls. The numbers grew after 2007 when Bulgaria and Romania gained EU membership. Since then there has been a steady influx of women plying the sex trade, often to escape poverty at home.


Early next year their numbers will swell even further with the opening of a new €4.5m (£3.8m) 6,000sq-metre “mega brothel” in Saarbrücken’s Burbach district. It will employ 90 full-time prostitutes and be run by a permanent staff of 45. The establishment has been described as one of the largest brothels in Europe.


Local authorities bemoan the fact that they have virtually no power to halt the expansion of the city’s already booming sex industry: “In Saarbrücken it is easier to open a brothel than a chip shop,” Charlotte Britz, the city’s Social Democratic Party mayor, said. “Prostitution has assumed unbearable proportions here.”


It is not difficult to understand the Mayor’s concerns. From her office, Ms Britz has a grandstand view of the two brothels that stand directly opposite Saarbrücken’s town hall. “The current situation is bad for the city’s image,”  she said.


Two factors have combined to create Saarbrücken’s seemingly unstoppable sex trade boom.


The first is what was once hailed as an “enlightened” German government decision to liberalise what were considered to be outdated and repressive laws governing prostitution and the sex trade. Back in 2001, under Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, Germany’s governing Social Democrat-Green coalition tried to make prostitution a job like any other by passing laws that  gave call girls full rights to health insurance, pensions and other benefits provided they paid the requisite taxes.


While exploiting prostitutes remained criminal, employing them or providing sex workers with a place to ply their trade was declared legal. The change in the law was an attempt to encourage responsible, law-abiding brothel owners, who, it was assumed, would eventually drive pimps from the market and end the exploitation of sex workers.


The second factor that has contributed to the boom in the sex trade is the city’s proximity to France, where the legality of prostitution is a grey area. In France, prostitution is illegal in principle, but it is not illegal to be a prostitute. It is illegal to run a brothel or to be a pimp or to solicit even “passively” in public, but it is not illegal to sell your body – or “buy” someone else’s. And this week, France passed a controversial bill meaning anyone caught paying for sex will be fined a €1,500 for a first offence.


Saarbrücken, a mere hop over the German border from the French cities of Strassbourg, Nancy and Metz, is already flooded with French male sex tourists at weekends and the new fine seems destined to boost trade even further. The Stuttgart concern Paradise Island Entertainment, which is behind the city’s new mega-brothel project, said it chose the city precisely because of its proximity to France. But Saarbrücken is simply an extreme example of what has occurred in most large German cities since the liberalisation laws of 2001. The country has become a magnet for sex tourism, with an estimated 400,000 prostitutes catering for a million men each day.


Statistics suggest that the aim to make prostitution a job like any other has backfired badly. Just 44 prostitutes are reported to have registered for welfare benefits so far and critics say that well-meaning legislation has helped, rather than discouraged, pimps.


Most health-insurance companies refuse to accept prostitutes as customers at reasonable rates because of what they say are the inherent risks involved. Taxes on brothels are usually passed on to the call girls who work in them, while uncontrolled street prostitution involving new arrivals from Eastern Europe continues to thrive.


Germany’s future “grand coalition” government this week signalled that it would rein in some aspects of the 2001 laws in an attempt to get a grip on the problem. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democrats and their prospective Social Democrat partners said they would ban so-called  “flat-rate” sex offered by some brothels and provide better protection for victims of enforced prostitution.


However, critics have complained that such proposals do not go nearly far enough. In Saarbrucken, insiders in city’s red light scene say the measures would make “absolutely no difference” to the city’s booming sex trade.


The backlash against Germany’s prostitution explosion is being driven by the country’s renowned 1960s’ feminist activist Alice Schwarzer.  She argues that prostitution has become a form of modern slavery.




400,000: Estimated number of prostitutes working in Germany


44: Number of German sex workers covered by social insurance


1,000: Estimated number of prostitutes in Saarbrucken


€4.5m: Cost of  new “mega-brothel” in Saarbrucken


Source independent.co.uk

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Guest 33

I did drive pass the Saarbucken when we were driving to Switzerland. I wish I could have had time to stop and fuck prostitutes. Too bad we were in hurry, but next time.

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Guest JJ!

I did drive pass the Saarbucken when we were driving to Switzerland. I wish I could have had time to stop and fuck prostitutes. Too bad we were in hurry, but next time.

This whole situation is idiotic. I can not understand why France wants to give all the tax payers money to the Germany. So many customers come from France to Germany and bring their money there. France should allow brothel business and hopefully other EU countries too!

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Guest border sex France Germany

Hopefully this sex article is not too hard to read. It is from faz.net and translated by google. Seems crazy eh? Over 1000 whores in a small town, I guess French guys love to fuck whores!



street prostitution to be massively limited
More than 1,000 prostitutes of the city too much: because Saarbrücken has become a stronghold for commercial sex, street prostitution is now to be severely restricted.


The street prostitution in the Dudweilerstraße country road in Saarbrücken

Has long had achieved in their city "intolerable level" not only for Mayor Charlotte Britz prostitution. About 1000 prostitutes, of which 200 are generally young women from Romania or Bulgaria, buy walking the streets, Saarbrücken have made ​​a stronghold in Germany for commercial sex cheap calls. Especially from France, where prostitution is forbidden to come every day hundreds of free in Saarland state capital. Together with Prime Minister Annegret Kramp-carts Bauer (CDU) fights the SPD politician Britz for a dramatic curb this line of business in the Saarland. Both women have signed the call Alice Schwarzer prohibiting prostitution in Germany.
Next Tuesday, the ruling in the Saarland coalition of CDU and SPD wants to adopt a package of measures to combat prostitution in the Saarland in the Council of Ministers. For this purpose, the state government will launch an initiative to take back the Federal imposed by red-green 2002 liberalization of prostitution in Germany.
In Saarbrücken itself to street prostitution are "spatially and temporally limited solid" as Britz said at the launch of a new Sperrbezirk Regulation. It was developed by a working group of city and country, they will be adopted next week in the national cabinet. In the course of the spring they will come into force. So far, commercial sex to 546 of 655 kilometers of the Saarbrücken road network is allowed. In future, there will be only three streets where prostitutes can wait for their mobile customers. Also the time previously allowed all day sex business will be limited under the open sky. In winter, only 20 to six clock in the summer of 22 women and six clock may offer services.
The state government also plans to introduce on the modification of a politically controversial Hygiene Regulation condom requirement for prostitutes and clients who rejected about the green-red state government of Baden-Württemberg. There criticized for Social Katrin Altpeter (SPD) that such a condom coercion "on one side only prostitutes are persecuted and criminalized, while Stringer remain unscathed." In the Saarland state government says, however, that a condom obligation strengthens the "right of prostitutes to their suitors, to be "aggravated to insist on use of condoms. Also the Police Act to control brothels and pimps faster and more effective. Building one of the largest brothels in Europe to 6000 square feet of space with hundreds of supposedly "free working" prostitutes on the outskirts of the city of Saarbrücken Burbach part through a red light Stuttgart investor has, however, can not prevent the policy. "Was building laws, there is nothing to do," says a spokesman for the city.

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