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Guest Whores in australia


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Guest Whores in australia
Foreign backpackers visiting Queensland have been earning money as illegal prostitutes and damaging legitimate operators, the legal brothel industry has claimed. Queensland Adult Business Association Nick Inskip said the illegal sex industry was undermining efforts by the legal industry to make a profit and uphold health and safety standards. They can charge less because they are not paying GST, staff costs for managers and receptionists, or have a registered business name,’ Mr Inskip said.


One solution could be allowing legal brothels to operate outcall services, he said. But the proposal has previously been rejected by the Crime and Misconduct Commission and the state government. Queensland currently has 23 legal brothels operating in city and regional areas. Police figures show the number of prostitution offences reported in Queensland increased from 362 to 600 in 2005-06.


Prostitution in Queensland: Limited Legality

The law varies depending on the state from decriminalized to legally regulated to criminal. Click on the PLA Summary on the left to see a description of each state.


Brothel Ownership in Queensland: Limited Legality

4 states permit brothels, 1 allows as part of a containment policy, and 3 prohibit.


Pimping Ownership in QueenslandLimited Legality

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