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I am not going to write about special massage places in Riga and I am not going to write about one massage parlour. I just want to tell you my opinion. Which is, I think the best massage parlours in the whole world are in Riga.

Here are my reasons, why Riga has the best massage parlors in the world!


1. Erotic massage in Riga is cheaper what it is in most western countries. In Riga you pay maybe 70 euros for 1 hour massage and a hand-job. Same in Netherlands or Denmark is about 150 euros.


2. In Riga you pay most of the time for massage and HJ at the front desk, so you do not need to have that annoying break when massage therapist asks if you want extras and you do not need to bargain and get your money during the massage. You can just relax your mind and take it easy in erotic massage in Riga.


3. Most erotic massage spas in Europe and America have Asian staff. I mean there is nothing wrong with Asian girls, actually I love to have sex with them. But sometime you want white girls to massage you too. In Riga pretty much all massage parlours have Latvian and Russian girls working. Just imagine nice, sexy, big breasted, blue eyed blonde rubbing your back and then stroking your cock until you cum.


4. Most erotic massage places in have a MENU where you can choose what you want. So you do not need to bargain and expect high prices.


5. Latvian currency is now EURO, so you do not need to exchange money if you are from EURO country.


6. Most girls in Latvia and in massage parlors at Riga talk VERY good english, so communication is easy.


7. Most erotic massage parlors in Riga offer you a shower, soap and a towel after massage, unlike regular AMP´s that just give you a paper towel to wipe your sperm and body.


Thats all I had in my mind. Maybe I will write more once something else pops in to my head.

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I have visited all Lab Sex Shop locations in Riga. All of them expect one I think offer massage (erotic massage, S&M massage, prostate/dildo massage) or strip tease.

There is usually two girls you can choose from and girls will change the Labi location they work at once a while I think, so it tis hard to say which Labi shop you should go to. There is one bigger girl working, maybe in her mid 30s, big tits and maybe 40kg/100lbs extra weight,

S&M massage is basically following: you will get a little massage and then girl starts spanking you and rubbing your cock and sometimes she puts this dog belt on your neck. Prostate & Dildo massage means that girl will fuck you in your ass with dildo or strap on dildo and make you cum. Regular erotic massage is just a basic erotic massage and a hand-job.


Labi Sex Massage and Strip Tease locations: A. Kalniņa 8. - Open 24hrs, B-5, Brīvības 98 - Open 24hrs, Lāčplēša 61. Open 10:00 - 22:00 & Lāčplēša 47 Open 10:00 - 22:00.


Cost for strip tease is about 10 euros per 10 minutes and you are allowed to masturbate and cum. Massage costs 60-70 euros I think.

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