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What are the average prostitution prices in Bremen? How much does basic prostitute cost in US dollars? What about Bremen prostitutes who work in a massage parlors compared to the street level hookers and high end escort whores?

How safe it is to have sex with prostitutes in Bremen and does LE leave you alone and is street prostitution legal in Germany?

Are there pretty or good looking escorts in Bremen?


Where can I find prostitutes or massage parlours in Bremen? Where are the prostitution hot spots or red light districts in Bremen?

Is there a special red light district for gay and ladyboy prostitutes? How about the gay scene in Bremen? Is there any gay sex tourism in Bremen?

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Guest bremen prostitution area
Control of sex work
A B-Plan against red light
Per Zoning wants Bremerhaven city council curb the rampant prostitution and prevent them from further shifts in a residential area.
Source taz.de
Prostitutes in the windows Lessingstraße distribute prostitutes standing in front of the windows. 
Bremerhaven has decided to refine the red light district. Use of a red-green-initiated development plan is to be prevented from prostitution in Lehe continued to shift in a residential area. From the city administration interpreted it as a further measure against a sprawling environment.
Since February street prostitution is only permitted in the Lessing Street, a street in which a window Kober classified similarly to the Helen Street in Bremen on the other. The restricted zone was mainly directed against street prostitution in the van Heukelum Street, a commercial area near allotments near the harbor. So that the city could ever adopted a Regulation the Senate of Bremen Bremerhaven had been delegated the appropriate jurisdiction.
For the sex workers who have no permanent place in the Lessingstraße means the measure the loss of livelihood. Because of that there street prostitution is allowed on paper, they have little: Before the Kober windows of the brothels, they are also sold - not by the police, but from the prostitutes.
Because of this, still few women are in the area around the forbidden street prostitution roadside and offer sex for money. However, since the regulation is in force, they are committing an offense and run the risk of being controlled and displayed by the police. "We set up one or the other woman even criminal charges of perseverance," says Jörg Seedorf, Head of the Criminal Investigation Bremerhaven.
The complaints of neighbors about a proliferation of Bremerhaven street stroke had become loud many months ago and so the city established its package of measures against the red light district: Parents have complained about initiating conversations before the eyes of children, they say. Because the road was just a school, said Mayor Melf Grantz (SPD): "The mere child protection is a ban on street prostitution necessary." Furthermore, it was been the trader an eyesore that prostitutes now also during the day at the roadside . are An end is now.
That the measure meets the poorest among prostitutes, also knows the head of the Criminal Investigation Bremerhaven. "We asked around in the scene and we were told that many women have gone back to Bulgaria or in other countries of origin," said Seedorf.
"We were worried that the ban on street stroke causes the prostitution shifted from the road in homes," says the criminal police chief. This is however not yet occurred. Unlike in Bremen, where prostitution takes place mainly in apartments, there are in Bremerhaven, according to police only 20 to 30 apartments where prostitutes offer their services.
The police declared the red light crime to authorities a priority. This is important because you obviously know that it hang all possible consequences of crime. In Bremerhaven, there are estimated by the competent police in a total of up to 170 sex workers. However, in spatial terms, the environment is expanding.
The head of the City Planning Department, Norbert Friedrich, says that the red light district of Lessingstraße ausdehne to neighboring residential area. "Brothels have established there in the sides and back roads further branches," he says. Rear rooms of pubs around for such purposes are increasingly been leased and converted.
"Because there has been no development plans in this area, there was the rubber paragraph" said city planner Frederick. With the new planning law, the city wants to regulate that the residential area is identified as such in order to have legal recourse against other brothels. Only existing businesses enjoy grandfathering. Although the new Plan B does not occur until early next year in power, but as of now, the city of Bremerhaven back orders for the new operating brothels. "So we are already on the safe side," says Friedrich.
After the dissolution of the road stroke, the city has the Bremen Institute for Police and security research commissioned to investigate the impact of the new restricted zone on crime trends and on the lives of prostitutes. The Regulation applies only times two years, then to be evaluated.
Traditionally, there is the red-light scene of the city in the Lessingstraße.
150 170 sex workers there, police said total in the city.
In February, has red-green government issued a restricted area regulation against street prostitution in the van Heukelum Street. A requirement that the CDU rose of 2010.
There are a Prevention with the City Planning Department, the central equality body, health and the Youth Office and the police. The aim is to make the city safer and to prevent the red light district continues to expand, says Jörg Seedorf by the police. More offenses not listed in the police Lessingstraße but.


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