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Has anyone in here visited Swingers Clubs in Bogota? Is the procedure same as in German Swingers Clubs and people are pretty much just fucking together?

I would say people are not as perverted in South American Swingers Clubs as they are in Europe. I have been in group sex and swingers clubs in Holland, Germany and Austria. In European swingers clubs it seem like a normal to lick ass, throat fuck girls, put object in girls asses or I have even seen people peeing on each other. So if you have been in European swingers clubs and are use to the hardcore stuff, I would recommend you to take it easy first in Colombia. Well off course I can be wrong, because I have never visited a group sex or swingers clubs in Colombia. I have only fucked many Colombian girls and they seem much less interested on kinky stuff than european girls.

Maybe someone else has visited a swingers clubs in Colombia?

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