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Guest Buenos Aires Sex Club

Hi guys,


I can not wait to go to Argentina. Tanned and South American girls really turn me on and I am into the swingers clubs and group sex. I love to watch people having sex and I love when women watch me fucking their friends or when husband sees me fucking he´s wife. So I definitely will do some swinging in Buenos Aires.


Here is the article that made me think about trip to BA!


October 26, 2009 | landingpadba.com
A night at Anchorena (Anchorena 1121, Recoleta), the world-famous Buenos Aires swingers club, may not be everyone’s cup of tea. This is a club for swingers, those who wish to explore sexually beyond the bounds of their own monotonous monogamy. For the curious, the daring, or the just plain horny, this place offers a night out like no other. Getting in can be a challenge for those without a partner, and there is no way that I will be able to accurately summarize the experience of visiting Anchorena in words. In fact, the only way to know what this place is like is to check it out yourself. That said, here’s a quick introduction to getting in, the rules governing behavior and security in this place, as well as a brief introduction as to what you can expect upon arrival.
First impressions
Never judge a book by its cover, a common adage that couldn’t be more true than when used to describe Anchorena. With its large panel windows facing the street, my first impression of this place was that it was an old, 70s-era hotel, complete with a bar full of lounge lizards sipping Manhattans and gin martinis. Checking the address twice to be sure we were at the right place, we entered and were invited to sit in the bar for a few moments before being granted entry to the rooms upstairs. Aside from a lamp made of a pair of shapely female legs, Anchorena’s ground floor bar and lobby gave no clues as to what this place was, and furthermore, provided me with few clues as to what to expect once allowed upstairs.
After a Diet Coke and a little conversation, my partner and I were greeted by a middle-aged blonde woman, who introduced herself and offered to give us a tour of the place (this is standard practice for Anchorena first-timers). After paying our $50 peso entrada (cover), she led us upstairs, past a restaurant serving aphrodisiac cuisine, to a coat check where she began to explain to us the rules. All of these rules have the safety and privacy of Anchorena visitors in mind, and since prior knowledge of these rules is helpful before making your first trip to this place, here they are:
The Rules of the Swingers Club
Cost of entry is $50 pesos per person (12/15/09)
All guests must come with a partner (don’t pretend you’re gay if you’re not, as the bouncer will not tolerate your lies, and deny entry)
No purses, bags or jackets within the club (don’t worry, there’s a coat check)
No cell phones
No cameras
No drinks in the make out room
No clothes in the nudist room
No nudity or sex in common areas (the disco and the bar) or hallways
If you, or someone else, would like to join in some sexual playtime with another couple, the initiative is first made with a simple and non-invasive touch of the hand. The receiver of said touch may either allow entry into group activity by reciprocating the touch, or deny access with a simple and polite, “No, gracias.”
What it was like
After getting this quick introduction, we checked our coats and bags (including all cell phones), as stipulated by the rules. Then our guide ushered us to the 4th floor, the bottom floor of the swingers’ rooms. Before seeing any of the rooms, the first thing I noticed was the overwhelming scent of cherry air freshener, so strong it was almost asphyxiating. I suppose they need to so much of this stuff to cover up the smells of what’s to come. Reasonably so.
Next, she took us through the entirety of four sex-filled floors, each with themed rooms equipped to satisfy most any type of sexual appetite. Here’s a quick list of the themed rooms you’ll find on any given weekend night at Anchorena (on weekdays, some of the floors are closed), along with a brief description of each:
Glory Hole – This room on the 4th floor is furnished with a large bed which is equipped with large wooden barriers. These barriers have holes carved out of it to allow for peeping with the eyes, or poking with the peepee.
Nudist Room – This room has only one rule: no clothes allowed. Enter the room, removed clothes in the bathroom, place clothes in locker, and enter into this dark room for an all-naked booty fest.
Sex Shop – Get to Anchorena and realize that you forgot condoms? sex toys? or costumes? No worries! Anchorena’s got you covered. Buy anything you need here from one of the most adorably sweet shop attendants you’ll ever meet.
Couples’ Rooms – Anchorena has 2 couples rooms. The first is on the 4th floor, is equipped with two beds, a shower and a sort of sex positioning contraption. The second is on the 7th floor, right next to the gang bang room, and is equipped with seats, and two beds that are shielded ever-so-slightly from view by a set of chiffon curtains. This was my favorite room, as I was most comfortable there.
Main Make-out Room for Couples – This is a large room on the 5th floor equipped with ample seating and a bed, all arranged in a circle to make watching others (or being watched) most comfortable. Just off of this main make-out room is a dark and stuffy space. Many couples choose to go and “do it” here, away from the watchful eyes of the larger room. Down another dark hallway, are three other small rooms most commonly used for group sex, also further away from the masses.
Disco – Just down the hall from the make-out room there is a disco. No sex in this room, but it really is a whole lot of fun!
Singles Room – I had a great time at Anchorena, but didn’t like this room much. It is the only room designated for individuals. When I went in, there were about 3 guys sitting on chairs wanking, and what sounded like a couple getting’ it on behind a curtain.
Bar/Lounge with a Pool – This lounge was an Anchorena highlight, and served as a great spot to warm up to the place. Enjoy a seat by the pool as you booze your way to comfort and watch as the crowd starts to grow.
Gang Bang Room – 7th floor. Need I say more?
I would compare Anchorena to a museum, or even a zoo. Each room offering its own exhibit of categorically arranged sexual behavior. I was in good company, as most chose to move room to room to view the exhibitions, rather than participating themselves. That really was one of the things about Anchorena that surprised me the most: while there certainly were plenty of individuals partaking in a variety of sexual activities, I was surprised to see that most people were there to watch. Of course, as the night progressed more and more people began to participate. I left at about 6am, and by all rights, the party was just starting to get warmed up.
So there you have it folks, your quick guide to the swingers club.

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Guest Pedro

Wow. These Swingers Clubs really sound like a lot of fun. Has anyone in here actually visited a Gang Bang or Swingers Club in Buenos Aires?

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