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Brothels, FKK clubs and Sauna clubs

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Guest brothels in Dusseldorf
Dusseldorf is a medium sized city in Germany which has some sex-clubs and brothels as well in the centre of the city as in the suburbs. You can enjoy great FKK saunaclubs and nice brothels to have sex in Dusseldorf.
The sex-club Haus Panthera is a good FKK saunaclub located in Ratingen, 10km from Dusseldorf center. This whore house has a great modern decoration, a sauna, a lounge, a restaurant and offers massage services. About 30 escorts work in Haus Pantera
Contact and adress of The Haus Panthera near Dusseldorf
Adress: Robert-Zapp-Str. 2A - 40880 Ratingen
Region: North Rhine Westphalia
Country: Germany
GPS: 51.307569, 6.824988
Phone: +49 (0)2102-7006336
Entrance: 40€ then 50€ the half-hour sex time. Monday to thursday from 11am to 1am - Friday and saturday from 11am to 2am - Sunday from 11am to 12pm.
The sex-club Harem Dormagen is a Pauschalclub, which is a Flat rate brothel where you can have unlimited sex with all girls you want. Actualy you have to pay an entrance fee first, but this one is very quite cheap. Then you can enjoy all sex you want with every lady you want. The Pauschalclub Harem is one of the best of Germany. It has an outdoor space, a solarium, a whirlpool and many others equipments.
Name: Harem - Pauschalclub
Adress: Rostocker Strasse, 13 - 41540 Dormagen
Country: Germany
GPS: 51.094629 / 6.818806
Phone: +49 (0)2133 538282
Girls: About 50 ladies at anytime
Rates Entrance: 99.99€ flat rate sex (3h) or 100€ the full day
Opening hours:  Everyday from 12am to 5am
The FKK saunaclub Dolce Vita Dusseldorf is a beautiful FKK saunaclub located in Dusseldorf. This sex club has an amazing luxury decoration and great training equipments, comfy rooms and first class services. It is one of the nicest FKK saunaclub in Germany.
Adress: Briedestraße 44 - 40599 Reisholz Dusseldorf
Country: Germany
GPS: 51.174187 / 6.861055
Phone: +49 (0)211 7489046
Girls: About 60 hot sexy girls at anytime
Rates Entrance: 50€ then 50€ the one-hour sex time
Opening hours: Monday to sunday from 11am to 5am
The Privatadresse Dusseldorf is a classic hooker house and sex club in the center of Dusseldorf. You can enjoy a large range of sexy hot girls of any kind to have great sex in Dusseldorf.
Adress: Am Schüttenhof 16 - 40472 Düsseldorf
Country: Germany
GPS: 51.273184 / 6.817775
Phone: +49 (0)2 11 / 2 00 73 74
Girls:  About 15 hot sexy girls at anytime
Rates: Free entrance then about 100€ the half-hour sex time
Opening hours: Everyday from 11am to 5am


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Guest ug kelly

Thanks for the information. I am going to Dusseldorf next month and I will tell you how my trip was afterwards. Maybe I will visit a brothel and couple erotic massage spa´s


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Guest Guest

Has anyone tried Harem Pauschalclub´s 99 euro special? Is there a long line ups usually to have sex with prostitutes? Am I understanding correctly that you just pay one fee to get inside and then you do not need any money to have sex anymore? Is this really true?

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