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Escorts, Red-light distrcits and Prostitution

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Guest Arab hookers

I do not know there current situation in Tunis. Maybe after "Arab Awakening" things have changed.


This is the info I founded about Red Light District in Tunis:


Tucked in the alleyways of the Tunis medina, just a few hundred metres from the oldest mosque in the capital, the Zitouna Mosque, Abdallah Guech alley is an official red light district in the heart of the city. This is highly unusual for an Arab country.
The brothel is a fixture of Tunisian culture, and has been featured in several classic films. Previously, when sexuality was less liberal, it was known as a place of sexual initiation for young sons of wealthy Tunisians. Today, however, it is mainly visited by those of more limited means.
The Abdallah Guech alley is very narrow. It is hidden, there are no window fronts or neon, like in Brussels or Amsterdam. There are more people in the adjacent roads, mainly men, but apart from that, it is all very discreet. Along the street there are little cubicles every 2-3 metres and, through a half-open door, you can see the scantily dressed prostitutes sitting on chairs, awaiting clients.
Most of the ‘girls’ are actually women of a certain age, maybe forty and older. There are rarely any younger ones. They often come from poor backgrounds. They use local services and get regular free health check-ups. Quirkiest of all is that their identity cards state that they are Interior Ministry employees. That is so that they avoid being hassled and helps them dealing with the authorities. It is said that in exchange, they sometimes tip off the police.
I guess the prostitute would cost maybe 20 dollars in Tunisia. Am I right?

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Guest arab hookers

There are also nightclubs in Tunis like Baghdad on Bourguiba avenue where customers come to drink alcohol in the company of prostitutes before ascending to the second floor to eat.

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