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Escorts and Prostitution

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Guest g

In Hanoi for instance, I've seen it many years ago in the form of what I classify as hostess/karaoke bars in several high end luxury hotels.  Fortuna Hotel being the best example for sure.  In the basement of the hotel was a hostess bar with 15-25 sexy girls all dressed in sexy outfits.  


The place was mostly frequented by Korean and Japanese businessmen from I could tell, many staying in the hotel and many stepping out of taxis at the hotel entrance (and leaving with a prostitute later).  


There were few mamasans running the place and directly traffic in the bar.  You had to pay $20 just to have a girl sit and talk with you.  If you liked her, it was $50-60 for quick time with her and $100 for longtime with her, but most of the hookers preferred short time in the hotel.  


Many of the guys staying in the hotel could be seen picking a hooker and together they would jump on the basement elevator to head up to his room.  

Most of the girls only spoke decent English so there was not alot of conversation if you didn't speak local. Like most cities anywhere, almost every cab driver in Hanoi knows Fortuna and similar places in town.  As for where I stay in Hanoi which is usually a mid-range to cheap hotel, I can't remember ever being asked by anyone if I "wanted girl".

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